Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Every so often I will post “Things I’m Loving Tuesday.” In this post I will include anything that at the moment I am loving. To get us started….

Moe’s is probably my favorite quick restaurants of all times. I am defiantly a frequent goer of the one near campus. My current favorite menu item is the earmuffs. This is a burrito bowl with a meat, any free topping, and guacamole. Yummy!!
Avocado is up next! This has quickly become one of my favorite snacks. It has even become one of my favorite desserts. A co-worker of mine recently suggested putting a tiny bit (less than a teaspoon) of sugar on it and she was right, it makes for a delicious dessert. 
Recently I have had the issue of my hair falling out…I had accounted it to stress and not eating quite right but turns out it could have been my shampoo/conditioner. Since switching to Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship I have not noticed nearly as much hair falling out. The great smell doesn’t suck either 🙂 
Ann Taylor Loft Curvy Flare Jeans. Best jeans ever! I now have 2 pairs of them and I’d wear them everyday if I could. They are perfect if you have a small waist and larger butt and thighs. I have never had a pair of jeans fit better. 
As surprising as it may be since I am into fitness and nutrition, I do not like water. However, add a little flavor and some bubbles and I can drink it all day! Simply Clear Black Cherry sparkling water has been a recent favorite and as an added bonus, they now have one with added calcium. 
Thats it for today! I will hopefully be back with more things I am loving in a week…

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