Final Big Race!!

I’ve got a few days left till my final big race of the year and I couldn’t be more excited. This year has been full of training and my body is about ready for a rest after I get through this weekend. 
Many people have asked what I do to train for a marathon and the simple answer is I run a lot and learn to enjoy those miles upon miles. Well I at least most of the time enjoy all the miles. A more indepth answer for what I do to train is I run about 5 days per week, one to two short runs (under 5), two middle distance runs (5-10ish) and one long run a week. This long run distance is what really builds every week. This year since I had already trained for a half iron distance race I started my long runs at 15 and built up to 22miles. However, I added an extra twist, I ran the City of Oaks Marathon about 2weeks ago so I guess you could say I trained up to 26.2 miles this year. Since running city of oaks I have dramatically cut back my miles to let my body recover as much as possible before this Saturday when I take on the roads of Charlotte for the 3rd time. The week leading up to a marathon is more about rest than it is about training. So this week I am doing 2 runs and an easy spin and stretch. 
My goal for this weekend is to break 3:50:00. That will be about 2min faster than I’ve ever gone before. 
Well I’m headed out for my last training run with Kimberly (my only friend dumb enough to tag along for a race like this 😉 ) 
Be sure to send me some good vibes and extra energy this weekend as I take on Thunder Road! 🙂 

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