Off Season

Offseason…the best and worst time of the year. Offseason is great because it gives you body a chance to recover after a long grueling year of training but it is also the worst because laziness can set it. Not having a race to prepare for often times makes even the most dedicated athletes a little lazy. That is why, starting after Thanksgiving (I promised my mom I would rest and take it super easy till Thanksgiving) I have set some goals for myself for this offseason:

1. Don’t let your running base completely fade away. Currently, I can run 20ish miles without much of an issue, come the end of offseason I can usually only run 5-6miles no issue. This year the goal is to come out of the offseason with a 10-15mile base.

2. Increase strength. I am a very strong person but I have noticed that as I have been competing in these long endurance events, I am not as strong as I once was. I hope by increasing strength I am able to better avoid injuries.

3. Increase flexibility. Due to all the repetitive motions of running, biking, and swimming, my muscles have become very tight. I know this hinders my performance. Just like strength, by increasing flexibility I hope to be able to avoid injuries.

4. Work on post workout nutrition. In the past I have just eaten whatever looked good as I walked through the door after a workout, this offseason I want to work on being intentional about what I am eating to better aid in my recovery.

What are your goals for the offseason?

Morning Boot Camp

Yay for getting up before the sun again! That 5am alarm is brutal but getting to teach boot camp makes it all worth it. Today we mixed it up and had 5 rounds of different circuits. The point of this workout is to have as high of intensity as possible taking short breaks when needed. This format worked great for a group fitness class because it could be done at any fitness level since the participant could choose how fast/slow they wanted to complete the exercise and breaks can be taken when necessary (when I say breaks I mean stand for 5-10sec, catch you breath and start again). Here is what todays workout looked like….

This workout can easily be completed in about 55-60min when you include a warm up and cool down. The workout itself, taking 1min rest between rounds takes 45min. I have included a few links below on some of the exercises that may be unfamiliar. 
Happy Working Out!! 🙂 

Things I’m Loving Tuesday….Week 2!

Back again with a new list of things that I am loving….

This has been my go to wine since this summer…super sweet and pretty cheap at about $8 a bottle!! 
Lululemon headband. My mom just bought me two of them recently and they are great!! They stay put well and don’t pull your hair. I have them in gray and white. I defiantly want to get a couple fun colors. 
Delicious! And even better than the fact that they taste great, they are an easy on the go snack since they peel really easily. 
Adidas Team Speed Crew Socks. I think they sometimes look a little ridiculous on but they are probably my all time favorite pair of socks (and yes I have them in pink).
That’s it for this week’s “Things I’m Loving Tuesday” 🙂