Things I’m Loving Tuesday: 8

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone has had a fantastic day! See below for a list of my most recent favorite things…. Men’s Nike running tights. Unlike women’s tights they are durable, a little bit more breathable, and they aren’t super low rise!! Not being super low rise, I think is the best part. No one likes feeling […]

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Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Back again for another edition of Things I’m Loving Tuesday. This week I have 4 things to share with you… #1Tervis water bottle. I love it because it doesn’t leak, keeps my drink cold or hot, and has a lifetime warranty. Also it is great this time a year when the pollen is in the air […]

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Thing* I’m loving Tuesday

Slightly different this Tuesday as I am only going to share a single product… Ever wondered what that crazy color tape is that you see the professional athletes or even your everyday runner sporting? The answer to that question is KT Tape. So now you may be wondering what’s its purpose? How does it work? […]

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Biggest Loser

As a few of you may know, my goal in life is to be Jillian Michaels…well a nice, less dramatic Jillian to be truthful. She has become a face that people have grown to respect and recognize in the fitness and diet world. What I like most about her is all that she has done […]

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Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Every so often I will post “Things I’m Loving Tuesday.” In this post I will include anything that at the moment I am loving. To get us started…. Moe’s is probably my favorite quick restaurants of all times. I am defiantly a frequent goer of the one near campus. My current favorite menu item is […]

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