Water Water Water….

You know that phrase “Money Money Money?” Well it should be changed to “water water water…. will save you money money money!!!” This is because water is probably the most important and most widely available nutrient that we need and have. Our bodies are made up of 55-60% water. This water helps keep our joints lubricated, digestive system working smoothly (try pushing out a number 2 when you are extremely dehydrated…Good Luck), blood flowing, lips from cracking, skin clear, waistlines trim, and the list could go on and on.

So why is it that we so often sway from water to other more high calorie, sweetened beverages? Many people (like myself) don’t like it, think it doesn’t have any flavor, like other beverages more, don’t think about it, etc. etc. So today I’m going to take you through some ways to make yourself drink more water and thus save you some money money money!

1. Find a water bottle or cup that you want to use. For me this is either a sports bottle with a squeeze top or some kind of straw.

2. Add something to your water. This something can be as simple as ice cubes or as elaborate as sliced and diced fruit or veggies. If you must start with things like crystal light packages, ween yourself so you are using less and less each time. For me, an individual packet lasts for 3 cups of water. You can also try carbonated water. Make sure you read the label to make sure no sodium has been added and if you are choosing a flavored carbonated water make sure there is also no added sugar.

3. Set small goals to meet your daily goal. Pinterest had a great idea for this. Set hourly goals of drinking several ounces of water as opposed to the “I have to drink all 9 cups (females) or 12.5 cups (male) right now.”

4. Have water handy. As bad as it is for the environment, when I have plastic disposable water bottles readily available I tend to drink a lot more water. This is especially true when I keep them in the fridge and the trunk of my car. By doing this I tend to grab a water most times I open the fridge before going for food and when I am out in about it helps keep me feeling full so I am less tempted to stop for something to eat. 
5. Start your day with a glass of water. This helps get you off on the right foot for the entire day. I don’t know about you, but if I start my day with some kind of crummy fuel, the rest of the day tends to follow in those same footsteps. So start off the day on the right path. Plus, this way, one of those cups is already done for the day 😉 
6. Have a cup before every meal. Again this knocks out three cups for the day and as an added bonus, like I mentioned in Holiday Eating, this can help keep you from over eating during meal time by helping you feel full faster. **Remember it takes 20min for your stomach and brain to communicate letting you know you are full**
7. Finish your day with a cup of water. At this rate you have 5 cups knocked out easily if you have one when you wake up, one before each meal, and one before bed. This only leaves you with 4 (females) or 7.5 (males) more cups to get in through the rest of the day. 
8. Be intentional about carrying and drinking your water. Once you get in the habit of it, it is much easier to get in ALL those cups every day 🙂 
And so I mentioned this is going to save you money… 
  • A 24 pack of water costs approximately $4 (16.9 oz Dasani) and a 24pack of soda (16.9oz bottles coke) costs approximately $14. 
  • Or how about all those lotions and potions you are putting on your face to keep it moist and firm? Those get pretty pricy too but what if you were able to make those last a little longer because your body was moisturizing from the inside, so you weren’t having to put so much on the outside? 
  • And what if you drank a glass of water every time you were bored instead of reaching for something to munch on? That would also save you some money. 
  • Hydration is a key factor in being healthy…good health is almost always a guaranteed way to save some serious money!! 
So save some money and drink more water!! 



Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 marks the day I became a college graduate. I have to say, it was all (and still is) a bit unreal. It felt like the day I had waited forever for had somehow gotten here so quickly.

The night before graduation we had a nice dinner with family and John at 518 West, an Italian restaurant in downtown Raleigh. My only request was that it was in the city I had grown to love over the last 3 years as I wanted my family to witness just how great of a place it is for themselves. Dinner was delicious and the company was even better. This is a picture of myself, my brother, and grandmother at dinner.

Wednesday started early with the big commencement ceremony at the PNC arena. It was a very nice ceremony and our student speaker did great. Even more impressive, he kept it all a secret from his mother that he was the speaker. I’m sure she was shocked!

Then, later that afternoon, was the departmental ceremony. This ceremony allowed each graduate a chance to introduce all those who were there to support them as well as speak of their future plans. Although some did have upcoming plans, it came as a relief to me that many were in my same place as I am and did not have anything immediately planned.

To round out the fabulous day before packing my bags and heading home for the holidays, John and I headed to the bell tower to take a few pictures as many graduates do. We had a beautiful day with a blue sky.


I can’t thank all those who helped make this day such a special day for me enough. I could defiantly feel the love and support from each and everyone of you. 
Thank You!! 

12 days of Bootcamp!

Good Morning! I hope you are all doing well and staying warm on this beautiful, chilly morning! My day started out great. I got to witness a beautiful sunrise, Christmas Tunes, and ofcourse a room full of sweaty people! I can’t think of what could possibly be better!! Today’s bootcamp was a little out of the ordinary, we “played” 12 Days of Bootcamp…

Day 1: Warm-up (3min)
3min of jogging/dynamic movements
Day 2: Rock Paper Scissors Sprint (2min)
just like normal rock paper scissors but with a twist,
the loser has to turn and sprint and the winner must chase them
Day 3: Lower Body (10min)
This circuit was done for 9continuous minutes and legs were burning for sure!
3x3min each walking lunges, squats, side lunges
Day 4: Simon Says Quick Feet Style (3min)
Keep quick feet the entire time. Left, Right, 180, & 360. For left and right Simon points.
Once out participants have step-ups on the bench till we get down to the winner.
Day 5: Core (3min)
Crazy Ivan (:30min) Superman (:30min)
Russian Twist (:30min) Superman (:30min) Crazy Ivan (:30min)
Day 6: Duck Duck Goose Squats Style (3min)
Those in the circle are to be doing squats the entire time while the tagger is deciding whose “goose”.
Rest is while the chase goes on.
Day 7: Push-Up Challenge (Bring Sally Up) (5min)
Fot those of you who don’t know what the “Bring Sally Up” challenge is check out this video.
I challenge you to give it a try…much more difficult than it looks.
Day 8: Freeze Tag (8min) – 2x4min
Get unfrozen by doing 10 jumping jacks. 
Day 9: Crab Soccer with Stability Ball. (8min)—2x4min
Soccer while doing crab walks and kicking a stability ball…talk about some burning arms. Our goals were if the ball hit in the air the wall. We had two teams going opposite directions. 30sec rest for half time.  
Day 10: Core (1:30min)
1min plank
Day 11: Race for Your Fate…win or burpee (3min) 
Run down to the opposite end and back 3x completing 3 burpees at far end each time. At the end, everyone (except the winner) does 10 burpees together as a group J
Day 12: Cool Down (3min)
About 1min walking to let heart rate come down followed
by about 2min of statch stretching.
I hope everyone had a great time playing this morning and thought it was a fun way to lead into the holiday season! I appreciate all those who came out week after week to my 6:30 bootcamp class. You all have made it worth getting up at 5AM every Tuesday and Thursday this semester! Also glad to see I am not the only one who is a tad bit crazy! 😉  Keep Up the hard work!!
Happy Holidays Bootcampers!!!

Liar Liar…

…Pants on Fire!! That’s what I have to say to all those people who say the last semester of college is great and you’re going to have so much fun!!

The truth behind your last semester of college is that it is as stressful if not more stressful than your first. This is because there is this big UNKNOWN of what is to come after graduation. The last semester is full of trying to get through classes you are no longer interested in (senioritis) and applying for jobs so you can enter the big, scary REAL WORLD!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am excited to become apart of this big, scary real world, just the path to get there is quite daunting and exhausting.

Today’s post will help give some clarity to all those who are asking daily as to what my path to entering that big scary place is…

Long Term Goal: 

Get a real, big girl job in a career that I am passionate about. Now I am sure many of you are laughing at that sentences and thinking “ha!…good luck.” and I can’t say I blame you. I have defiantly realized that it is much easier said than done but I am determined to find it. On that note, if any of you have experience in finding that “perfect” career, I am all ears and would love some advice. All I do know is that I want a career where I am up and moving in a fast paced environment and helping others. The two areas that (I think) interest me most are nursing and corporate wellness.

Where I am now: 

Currently I am doing all that I can to pass genetics (send prayers my way please…Final is the 9th). This is one of my last three classes that I need to graduate. Beyond getting through school I am applying for nearly every health/wellness job in Raleigh and Charlotte.

At this moment I have two part time job interviews lined up in Charlotte. One is as a Personal Trainer at a YMCA (12/11) and the other is as a Group Fitness Instructor at LA Fitness (12/5). Aside from those two positions, I have Personal Training applications in at another Y and LA Fitness in Charlotte and at a Life Time Fitness in Raleigh. I have also applied for several “Wellness” positions within Rex Healthcare and Healthtrax in Raleigh. In addition to both of those I have applied to two temporary (1year positions) at the Interfaith Food Shuttle in Raleigh. Both of these positions are nutrition education coordinator positions.

I have to admit, I never thought I would be applying for part time / temporary positions coming out of college, but like everyone says, your first job isn’t usually the perfect job or your last job. Wish me luck and send lots of prayers as I have a lot coming in these next couple weeks!

Since this post was a little on the stressful side and totally off from the Holiday Cheer that is going around I thought everyone could use a good laugh to end their night….

This is my boyfriend and I at the annual Christmas party dressed exactly the same, both of us in his clothes!!  He had convinced me that everyone wore tacky sweaters and it would be funny (I had never been to the party before) but turns out he lied…everyone else was dressed super cute and sexy! It was a night that couldn’t end fast enough for me but is funny to look back on now 😉

Lazy Days

Thanksgiving break has treated me well and I have enjoyed my few days of being SUPER DUPER LAZY! A quick recap of the week:

Monday: I made the dreaded drive home and snacked wayyyyyy to much to stay awake. I hate when you have those terrible days of driving where you can tell its going to be a long trip in the first 20-30minutes. But regardless I made it home where I was happily greeted by my mother and puppy (nothing like coming home to a pup…they are always so excited to see you 🙂 ). Shortly after arriving home, mom and I headed to pick up my grandma for a girls night. The three of us went to California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favorite girls night out restaurants since the boys aren’t so keen on it. Dinner was followed by a little shopping before heading home to hit the sack for an early bed time.

The happy puppy! This is Chase, the 100lb, nearly 9year old, big baby of a golden retriever we call family 🙂 

Tuesday: I started my lazyness…I slept in till about 10:30!!! It was great. After finally rolling out of bed I got in about a 45min workout using the Nike Fit Club app (check out Saturdays Workout Post to read more about the app). Then mom and I headed out to get our nails done. I got sheer luck on my fingers and opi red on my toes. Shortly after getting back home from our girl time my brother and the ever so cute Roxy arrived. Roxy is his girlfriends super cute 15week old puppy. Grandma and I took the pup shopping then came home for a delicious chili dinner with the whole crew.

Wednesday: Again I started out the day lazy with a 10:30ish wake up. We hung out around the house most of the day. I got in a quick 30min workout, we all ate lunch then the boys headed to the golf course and us girls headed to the craft store. We got paint and a couple canvas. Check out the final product below. Dinner was at a new restaurant, Stone Mountain Grill. Following dinner we broke out a new favorite game 5seconds. I’m not very good at the game but it brings out a lot of giggles.

Thursday: Turkey Day! Once again I slept in (probably seeing a theme at this point). After getting up, having a quick breakfast and workout it was time to get to turkey day festivities. My cripple brother, Alex, (he had hip surgery about 8weeks ago and is doing great now) and I headed to the grocery store to get all the last minute items then it was time for me to get ready and pick up grandma. We had our good friends The Tillers over for an afternoon and evening of fun. We had a great spread of food and lots of laughs to go around.

Friday: Black Friday! The day started off slow and we didn’t participate much in the normal Black Friday madness…mom and I actually only made it to the mall for a return. Before heading to the mall, mom and I stopped at grandmas to help her get Christmas out of the attic, since she has seen “fall for too long this year.” For our evening activity the family plus John (my boyfriend) went to the Bobcats game. Bobcats won and it was a great way to spend the evening. Following the game John and I came home to drinks and ping pong with my parents. Although they beat us it was once again a great way to fill the night with laughs.

Saturday: The one and only day I was out of bed before 10…John had me up at 8:30 this morning!! Probably a good thing since we ended up having a day full of company. Shortly after getting up, John and I headed to the grocery as some old friends (see picture below) were planning on stopping by for lunch as they were traveling back to Georgia from Connecticut. We have known them since I was taller than my brother…and for those of you who don’t know me that well, Alex passed me when he was in 6th grade and I was in 8th. It was great catching up with them. John and I also managed to get a few games of ping pong and rings (another great game) in while everyone was here. I am the overall champion but he defiantly had me in a few sticky places (we are not a competitive couple at all 😉 ) Saturday night finished with football and steak dinner.

Tomorrow I will be headed back to good old Raleigh. But before I do, a few more pictures from the week to send you off with….

I hope this gives you a good catch up on the week. Have a goodnight! 🙂