Couch to 5k Series: 4


Howdy! How is your week going? Who is ready for their 2.0miles tomorrow?! If you’re just jumping on board, check out the the warm-up, week one, and week two‘s post to get you caught up. This coming week, week 3 of training, you are committing to about 2.5hours. TOTALLY DO-ABLE!! Think about how much time a day you waste on Facebook, Instagram, twiddling your fingers, procrastinating your next task… you have two and a half hours in your week to spare to put towards doing something productive for your health.

Monday — 3min walk, 2min run x5 {25min}

Tuesday — 20min walk

Wednesday — 3min walk, 2min run x6 {30min}

Thursday — 30min walk

Friday — Rest

Saturday — 2.5miles {3min walk, 2min run repeating till you complete the entire 2.5miles}

Sunday — Rest

Have a great week!! Please let me know how your training is going!

Happy Running Y’all!


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