Couch to 5K Series: 1

Hello Friends! Are you enjoying these beautiful Fall days?! I sure hope so! I know I am enjoying being able to get some fresh air after work. With these beautiful Fall days, I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and clients about Winter 5Ks. You know the Reindeer Romp, Jiggle Bell Jog, Etc. Etc. that you see advertised all over town? So that being said, I am putting together a series on running your first ever 5K and what better time than right before the holidays?! We can all afford a little extra exercise before the season of pies, cookies, egg nog, and hearty family meals. I hope you will join in on this fun and VERY DO-ABLE 5 week series.

Warm – Up Couple Days:

Find those running shoes! If yours are super old or you don’t have any at all, check out your local running store. They will fit you for the correct shoe thus helping you avoid injury. A couple of my favorite places for running shoes are: Fleet Feet Sports, Try Sports, Inside Out Sports, and Omega Sports.

Pick your race and mark your calendar. If you’re following along exactly with me and just so happen to live in the Charlotte area, I will be gearing this training plan towards the Run Run Rudolph and the Jingle Bell Run they are both held on December 6th, 2014. A great site for finding races is Running in the USA. Click on your state then select the 5K distance.

Start walking, over the next couple days just do what you can. Real training will start on Monday, November 3rd.

Check back Friday for your first week of training! 

** Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. **


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