Couch to 5K Series: 2

So glad y’all are back! I hope you are excited to get week one of training kicked off. We are going to keep the training really simple the entire 5 weeks. You will have 5 days of exercise and two days of rest each week. This week your total time commitment to the program is between 70 and 80minutes. I know even the busiest of people can spare less than 2hrs from their week. So lets get started….

Step 1: Sit up
Step 2: Put on running shoes
Step 3: Get off the couch
Step 4: Walk out the door

….You’ve done the hardest part!!! Sounds silly but I promise you, this is always the hardest part for even the most veteran of runners.

So who is going to jump on board for the next 5 weeks with me?? Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have along the way!