Pick 5!

Need a little pick-me up workout this week?! Check out this post for a quick full body circuit!

Step 1, pick 5 songs that put you in a good mood. Here are my five:

1. Shake It Off

2. Call Me Maybe

3. All About That Bass

4. Party in the USA

5. Kiss Me

Step 2: Gather your equipment. All you need is a set of dumbbells, a bench (or something you can step up on), and a mat or towel.

Step 3: Complete each of the following circuits, everything is done in sets of 10 and will be completed as many times as possible in a row for the entire duration of that song.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.10.41 PM

Circuit 1: Shake It Off — Warm-Up

High Knees March (alternating legs, 10 total)

Straight leg kicks (alternating legs, 10 total)

Butt Kickers (alternating legs, 10 total)


Circuit 2: Call Me Maybe — Cardio

Mountain Climbers (10 each leg)

Jumping Jacks


Circuit 3: All About that Base — Lower Body

Lunges (Alternating legs, 10 total) — hold dumbbell in each hand

Squats with Overhead Press 

Step Ups — hold dumbbell in each hand

Circuit 4: Party in the USA — Upper Body

Bicep Curls


Modified Tricep Dips

Circuit 5: Kiss Me — Core

Toe Touches — hold one of your dumbbells for an extra challenge


Russian Twists — hold one of your dumbbells

Any questions? I hope you have a fantastic workout! 

ps — singing is encouraged!



Couch to 5K Series: 3

Hey Couch to 5K-ers!! How are ya’ll feeling? You are almost done with your first week of training. Did you have any confusion? Did you stick with it all week? I hope your first week has been great and you’re ready to accomplish your first continuous mile tomorrow. Incase you are just tuning in, feel free to jump on board to completing your first ever 5k. Check out the warm-up week and week one to get caught up.

Week 2 will bump things up a notch but still you are only committing yourself to about 2hours the entire week. I know you can do it!

So who is committed to week 2 of training?!  

Couch to 5K Series: 2

So glad y’all are back! I hope you are excited to get week one of training kicked off. We are going to keep the training really simple the entire 5 weeks. You will have 5 days of exercise and two days of rest each week. This week your total time commitment to the program is between 70 and 80minutes. I know even the busiest of people can spare less than 2hrs from their week. So lets get started….

Step 1: Sit up
Step 2: Put on running shoes
Step 3: Get off the couch
Step 4: Walk out the door

….You’ve done the hardest part!!! Sounds silly but I promise you, this is always the hardest part for even the most veteran of runners.

So who is going to jump on board for the next 5 weeks with me?? Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have along the way! 

Couch to 5K Series: 1

Hello Friends! Are you enjoying these beautiful Fall days?! I sure hope so! I know I am enjoying being able to get some fresh air after work. With these beautiful Fall days, I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and clients about Winter 5Ks. You know the Reindeer Romp, Jiggle Bell Jog, Etc. Etc. that you see advertised all over town? So that being said, I am putting together a series on running your first ever 5K and what better time than right before the holidays?! We can all afford a little extra exercise before the season of pies, cookies, egg nog, and hearty family meals. I hope you will join in on this fun and VERY DO-ABLE 5 week series.

Warm – Up Couple Days:

Find those running shoes! If yours are super old or you don’t have any at all, check out your local running store. They will fit you for the correct shoe thus helping you avoid injury. A couple of my favorite places for running shoes are: Fleet Feet Sports, Try Sports, Inside Out Sports, and Omega Sports.

Pick your race and mark your calendar. If you’re following along exactly with me and just so happen to live in the Charlotte area, I will be gearing this training plan towards the Run Run Rudolph and the Jingle Bell Run they are both held on December 6th, 2014. A great site for finding races is Running in the USA. Click on your state then select the 5K distance.

Start walking, over the next couple days just do what you can. Real training will start on Monday, November 3rd.

Check back Friday for your first week of training! 

** Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. **

Marathon Training Plan

For those of you that know me pretty well, you know I am a planner. My calendar goes everywhere with me and I have everything that day will hold, including all of my training, written in on every day. Well, this time around as I train for my next marathon, things have been a little different. As I mentioned in my life update post yesterday, I am really just settling into this whole being a working woman thing and needless to say, my training has reflected that. Although my calendar is still plenty full it comes with a bit more flexibility this time around. To avoid getting discouraged as I know I am not going to get a run in everyday (like I would like to plan for), I have created a schedule that has a few less miles but still plenty of activity. A typical week looks something like this….

  • Monday — nothing, maybe walk the dog and foam roll a bit. I typically work an 10-12hr day on Monday so getting in anything of quality, forget about it!! 
  • Tuesday — short 3-5mi run. Topping out at about 45min. This allows me to get moving a bit after work but doesn’t take a crazy amount of time. 
  • Wednesday — strength and cycle. Usually by Wednesday I’m pretty tired so doing an hour worth of activity where I am constantly mixing things up helps get me through it. 
  • Thursday — another short 3-5mi run. Typically I have to push myself pretty hard to get through this one as Friday is one of my off days so I really just want to chill and take things easy once I get off work. Who else likes to workout on their “Friday” evening?!
  • Friday — 4-6mi run. I add intervals or something into this run to act as my speed work for the week. 
  • Saturday — ya never know haha ….I told you I was being a bit more flexible this time around. I work a half day on Saturday so it totally depends on my plans for after work. I like to try and get in a good long run after work but the reality is that doesn’t always happen. This year I haven’t decided what my longest run will be yet. I’d imagine it will be somewhere in the range of 18-22mi. but….we will just have to wait and see what happens. 
  • Sunday — if I didn’t end up doing my long run Saturday it gets put in here…. again, here I go with that whole flexibility in my training thing. If I did get it in Saturday then today is a day of rest. 

So in a typical week, Monday – Friday I am doing somewhere in the range of 10 to 16miles and on the weekend an additional 13 to 22miles. This is a dramatic cut back from the 6-7days a week I would like to plan on running but it will have to do for this time time around. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I continue forward with this training plan and into race day.

Happy Thursday! 🙂

Walk it Out Wednesday

I hear all the time that “I don’t have a gym” or “I can’t run” …blah blah blah “I don’t workout” !! Here is a workout for all you “I don’t workouters!” 

This workout is going to take a lunch time walk to a whole new level… All you need is yourself, some shoes, a watch,  and a safe place to walk. This workout will take 30min, including warm up and cool down. I will break it down by the minute for you. 
Minutes 1-4:59 — leisurely walk. Just get yourself moving. 
Minutes 5-6:59 — pick up the pace a little. Should be a brisk walking pace that you should be able to maintain for a while. Make sure your arms are pumping. I will refer to this as your base pace. 
Minutes 7-7:59 — high knee walk. Bring your knees up as high as you can towards your chest. This should be done somewhere between leisurely pace and base pace. 
Minutes 8-12:59 — base pace.  
Minutes 13-13:59 — walking butt kickers. Stretch out those quads and gain a little range of motion. You will be kicking your heels to your butt as you walk. Should be done at the same pace as the high knees. 
Minutes 14-17:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 18-18:59 — side step right. Turn to the side and take large steps leading with your right leg. Be sure not to cross your legs as you do not want to get tripped up. This will work on some hip strength. 
Minutes 19-22:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 23-23:59 —  side step left. Turn the other way and lead with your left leg.
Minutes 24-27:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 28-28:59 — leisurely pace. 
Minutes 29-30 — stretching. Touch your toes for 20 seconds. Be sure not bounce. Deep breathing with arms extending towards the sky for 20 seconds opening up your abdomen. 20 seconds gentle twisting to each side. 
So how does that sounds? Not too bad? Let me know if you decide to give it a try! Have a great “walk it out” Wednesday! 🙂