Crockpot Fajitas

This past weekend I used the crockpot for the first time ever. I made crockpot fajitas (well the meat went in the crockpot) for my family when they were in town and it turned out great! And even better yet… They were super healthy!  Time: 15min prep. 8hrs cook time.  Ingredients: (enough to feed 6 […]

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Making the Jump, 13.1 to 26.2

I have quite a few friends who are thinking they are about ready to make the jump from 13.1 to 26.2 and I have received numerous questions from them so I wanted to answer those questions in one place for all of you… 1. Can I do it [complete 26.2miles]?Yes you can! If you put […]

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Whole30 Challenge…

Failed. This Sunday morning I came to the conclusion that the Whole30 Challenge was not the healthiest option for me. As you read in last weeks update I was struggling with low energy and headaches as well as some digestive issues, while at the completion of week 2, the same issues were still present. I […]

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Since I have been working in an office setting… At a desk, staring at a computer screen daily for the last couple weeks, I have noticed my posture has already started to lack. After noticing my own was lacking, I took a look around and guess what I saw?! All of us in the office […]

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Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Back again for another edition of Things I’m loving Tuesday… Guacamole.  I have decided that it is good on just about anything. And it’s whole30 approved 🙂  Water with lemon. Since being on this whole30 plan, beverages have been super plain. Adding lemon has been a great way to spruce up the flavor. Have any […]

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Whole30 Week 1

A week ago today I started the Whole30 Challenge. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it is a 30 day cleanse of processed foods, added sugars, leguems, grains, dairy, and alcohol. AKA anything super delicious… Don’t even think about it!!  Update:  Days 1&2 were pretty rough, I was always starving. I couldn’t seem to […]

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Whole30 Update

I’m STARVING!!!! I love all that I am eating I just feel like I can’t get enough food in me.  Day one, I consumed less than 1,000 calories and I felt like I ate all day. Day two I did much better, getting to 1,900 calories, thanks to the addition of smoothies, but still I […]

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Whole30 Challenge…

Accepted!! Starting on Monday, my good friend and training partner, Kimberly and I will be embarking on a 30 day challenge of no processed foods. The challenge is to eat only whole foods for thirty days in a row. This means no dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes, or anything with added sugar. Calories are not restricted […]

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Daily Odd Compliments

Earlier today as I was looking through Pinterest and I found this thing called Daily Odd Compliments. They kind of remind me of goofy/cheesy pick up lines. So today’s post is in honor of some of my favorites that I came across. I hope you enjoy and maybe even giggle about them a little as […]

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Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Back again for another round of Things I’m Loving Tuesday. This weeks addition will be a little different as it will be all the apps that I am loving.  1. Blogger. Without this one you wouldn’t hear from me nearly as often. I love it because it allows me to post quickly on the go […]

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