Since I have been working in an office setting… At a desk, staring at a computer screen daily for the last couple weeks, I have noticed my posture has already started to lack. After noticing my own was lacking, I took a look around and guess what I saw?! All of us in the office looked exactly the same way, hunched over. This is a terrible way to sit, it creates a tight chest, creating more rounded shoulder, a tight neck that is pushing our heads down and forward, and weakens our back muscles. None of this sounds good, so this got me thinking about how I could potentially change my posture while in the office. Here are the ideas that I came up with… 

1. When on the phone, be intentional about sitting with shoulder blades touching the back of the chair. 
2. When typing, focus on sucking in your tummy. Bet you can’t do that well in a hunched over position. 
3. If filing papers, only take a handful at a time to the filing cabinet. Yes it may take a couple minutes longer but it will also allow you to stand and move around which will hopefully allow for better posture. 
4. When on the computer, bring the mouse and keyboard close so you aren’t reaching to get to it. 
5. Be intentional. Just by having it on your mind it could have just the impact you need to help keep you in that upright position. 
Please let me know if you have any other ideas! Have a great Thursday!  

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