Exercising in the Cold

I don’t know about you but these freezing temps and crazy lows with the wind chill has been about enough to put me over the edge when it comes to getting my workouts in. So I wanted to give you some tips on how I manage exercising in these not so great conditions: 

1. Dress appropriately. This means layer up. Dress in some form of dry fit, sweat wicking layer on the bottom to help keep you dry, a major part in staying warm. Then add a couple layers to keep your core warm. My favorite top layer is a fleece vest from old navy (see picture below). Next add some warm gloves (get sports gloves, you’ll be happy you did). Finally keep that head warm. I know many of you females don’t like hats so at a minimum wear something to keep your ears warms. 

2. If working out indoors fits you better: 
– find something good to watch. I have much better luck completing my indoor trainer rides when I put on some action packed movie. 
– you can still run with your running partner. Just because you are running inside, run on the treadmills side by side and carry on your conversations as you normally would. 
– since running or biking can be a bit of a drag inside, mix it up a little by working in some intervals. For example, instead of a steady 4mile run, do a 1mile easy warm up, then ever quarter of a mile pick it up or slow down alternating each time. Then for your last half mile slow down like you are doing a cool down. This way you are breaking it up into little pieces and it will be easier to get through the whole thing. 
What are some tips you have for getting your workouts in during these not so great weather conditions? 

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