Raleigh Snow Day

As much as us southerners complain about the cold, I think we all really do love those one or two snow days we get a year. Yes, it does close down everything but it does bring about a few good things as well….

First and foremost, most of us got a lot more fresh air and exercise during the snowy weather. Many went outside to throw a few snowballs and maybe even sled down a half dirt, half ice little hill. Bet you didn’t think of all the exercise you were getting as you laughed and ran back up the hill to go again. Then once you were outside for a while, shivering set in. This shivering although it was uncomfortable helped you to burn a few extra calories. And finally, snow often times means a little more family and friend time that is often lacking in our busy day to day lives.
I hope you took some time to enjoy the snowy weather. Never know when it’ll hit again down here! 


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