12 days of Bootcamp!

Good Morning! I hope you are all doing well and staying warm on this beautiful, chilly morning! My day started out great. I got to witness a beautiful sunrise, Christmas Tunes, and ofcourse a room full of sweaty people! I can’t think of what could possibly be better!! Today’s bootcamp was a little out of the ordinary, we “played” 12 Days of Bootcamp…

Day 1: Warm-up (3min)
3min of jogging/dynamic movements
Day 2: Rock Paper Scissors Sprint (2min)
just like normal rock paper scissors but with a twist,
the loser has to turn and sprint and the winner must chase them
Day 3: Lower Body (10min)
This circuit was done for 9continuous minutes and legs were burning for sure!
3x3min each walking lunges, squats, side lunges
Day 4: Simon Says Quick Feet Style (3min)
Keep quick feet the entire time. Left, Right, 180, & 360. For left and right Simon points.
Once out participants have step-ups on the bench till we get down to the winner.
Day 5: Core (3min)
Crazy Ivan (:30min) Superman (:30min)
Russian Twist (:30min) Superman (:30min) Crazy Ivan (:30min)
Day 6: Duck Duck Goose Squats Style (3min)
Those in the circle are to be doing squats the entire time while the tagger is deciding whose “goose”.
Rest is while the chase goes on.
Day 7: Push-Up Challenge (Bring Sally Up) (5min)
Fot those of you who don’t know what the “Bring Sally Up” challenge is check out this video.
I challenge you to give it a try…much more difficult than it looks.
Day 8: Freeze Tag (8min) – 2x4min
Get unfrozen by doing 10 jumping jacks. 
Day 9: Crab Soccer with Stability Ball. (8min)—2x4min
Soccer while doing crab walks and kicking a stability ball…talk about some burning arms. Our goals were if the ball hit in the air the wall. We had two teams going opposite directions. 30sec rest for half time.  
Day 10: Core (1:30min)
1min plank
Day 11: Race for Your Fate…win or burpee (3min) 
Run down to the opposite end and back 3x completing 3 burpees at far end each time. At the end, everyone (except the winner) does 10 burpees together as a group J
Day 12: Cool Down (3min)
About 1min walking to let heart rate come down followed
by about 2min of statch stretching.
I hope everyone had a great time playing this morning and thought it was a fun way to lead into the holiday season! I appreciate all those who came out week after week to my 6:30 bootcamp class. You all have made it worth getting up at 5AM every Tuesday and Thursday this semester! Also glad to see I am not the only one who is a tad bit crazy! 😉  Keep Up the hard work!!
Happy Holidays Bootcampers!!!

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