Water Water Water….

You know that phrase “Money Money Money?” Well it should be changed to “water water water…. will save you money money money!!!” This is because water is probably the most important and most widely available nutrient that we need and have. Our bodies are made up of 55-60% water. This water helps keep our joints lubricated, digestive system working smoothly (try pushing out a number 2 when you are extremely dehydrated…Good Luck), blood flowing, lips from cracking, skin clear, waistlines trim, and the list could go on and on.

So why is it that we so often sway from water to other more high calorie, sweetened beverages? Many people (like myself) don’t like it, think it doesn’t have any flavor, like other beverages more, don’t think about it, etc. etc. So today I’m going to take you through some ways to make yourself drink more water and thus save you some money money money!

1. Find a water bottle or cup that you want to use. For me this is either a sports bottle with a squeeze top or some kind of straw.

2. Add something to your water. This something can be as simple as ice cubes or as elaborate as sliced and diced fruit or veggies. If you must start with things like crystal light packages, ween yourself so you are using less and less each time. For me, an individual packet lasts for 3 cups of water. You can also try carbonated water. Make sure you read the label to make sure no sodium has been added and if you are choosing a flavored carbonated water make sure there is also no added sugar.

3. Set small goals to meet your daily goal. Pinterest had a great idea for this. Set hourly goals of drinking several ounces of water as opposed to the “I have to drink all 9 cups (females) or 12.5 cups (male) right now.”

4. Have water handy. As bad as it is for the environment, when I have plastic disposable water bottles readily available I tend to drink a lot more water. This is especially true when I keep them in the fridge and the trunk of my car. By doing this I tend to grab a water most times I open the fridge before going for food and when I am out in about it helps keep me feeling full so I am less tempted to stop for something to eat. 
5. Start your day with a glass of water. This helps get you off on the right foot for the entire day. I don’t know about you, but if I start my day with some kind of crummy fuel, the rest of the day tends to follow in those same footsteps. So start off the day on the right path. Plus, this way, one of those cups is already done for the day 😉 
6. Have a cup before every meal. Again this knocks out three cups for the day and as an added bonus, like I mentioned in Holiday Eating, this can help keep you from over eating during meal time by helping you feel full faster. **Remember it takes 20min for your stomach and brain to communicate letting you know you are full**
7. Finish your day with a cup of water. At this rate you have 5 cups knocked out easily if you have one when you wake up, one before each meal, and one before bed. This only leaves you with 4 (females) or 7.5 (males) more cups to get in through the rest of the day. 
8. Be intentional about carrying and drinking your water. Once you get in the habit of it, it is much easier to get in ALL those cups every day 🙂 
And so I mentioned this is going to save you money… 
  • A 24 pack of water costs approximately $4 (16.9 oz Dasani) and a 24pack of soda (16.9oz bottles coke) costs approximately $14. 
  • Or how about all those lotions and potions you are putting on your face to keep it moist and firm? Those get pretty pricy too but what if you were able to make those last a little longer because your body was moisturizing from the inside, so you weren’t having to put so much on the outside? 
  • And what if you drank a glass of water every time you were bored instead of reaching for something to munch on? That would also save you some money. 
  • Hydration is a key factor in being healthy…good health is almost always a guaranteed way to save some serious money!! 
So save some money and drink more water!! 


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