Lazy Days

Thanksgiving break has treated me well and I have enjoyed my few days of being SUPER DUPER LAZY! A quick recap of the week:

Monday: I made the dreaded drive home and snacked wayyyyyy to much to stay awake. I hate when you have those terrible days of driving where you can tell its going to be a long trip in the first 20-30minutes. But regardless I made it home where I was happily greeted by my mother and puppy (nothing like coming home to a pup…they are always so excited to see you 🙂 ). Shortly after arriving home, mom and I headed to pick up my grandma for a girls night. The three of us went to California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favorite girls night out restaurants since the boys aren’t so keen on it. Dinner was followed by a little shopping before heading home to hit the sack for an early bed time.

The happy puppy! This is Chase, the 100lb, nearly 9year old, big baby of a golden retriever we call family 🙂 

Tuesday: I started my lazyness…I slept in till about 10:30!!! It was great. After finally rolling out of bed I got in about a 45min workout using the Nike Fit Club app (check out Saturdays Workout Post to read more about the app). Then mom and I headed out to get our nails done. I got sheer luck on my fingers and opi red on my toes. Shortly after getting back home from our girl time my brother and the ever so cute Roxy arrived. Roxy is his girlfriends super cute 15week old puppy. Grandma and I took the pup shopping then came home for a delicious chili dinner with the whole crew.

Wednesday: Again I started out the day lazy with a 10:30ish wake up. We hung out around the house most of the day. I got in a quick 30min workout, we all ate lunch then the boys headed to the golf course and us girls headed to the craft store. We got paint and a couple canvas. Check out the final product below. Dinner was at a new restaurant, Stone Mountain Grill. Following dinner we broke out a new favorite game 5seconds. I’m not very good at the game but it brings out a lot of giggles.

Thursday: Turkey Day! Once again I slept in (probably seeing a theme at this point). After getting up, having a quick breakfast and workout it was time to get to turkey day festivities. My cripple brother, Alex, (he had hip surgery about 8weeks ago and is doing great now) and I headed to the grocery store to get all the last minute items then it was time for me to get ready and pick up grandma. We had our good friends The Tillers over for an afternoon and evening of fun. We had a great spread of food and lots of laughs to go around.

Friday: Black Friday! The day started off slow and we didn’t participate much in the normal Black Friday madness…mom and I actually only made it to the mall for a return. Before heading to the mall, mom and I stopped at grandmas to help her get Christmas out of the attic, since she has seen “fall for too long this year.” For our evening activity the family plus John (my boyfriend) went to the Bobcats game. Bobcats won and it was a great way to spend the evening. Following the game John and I came home to drinks and ping pong with my parents. Although they beat us it was once again a great way to fill the night with laughs.

Saturday: The one and only day I was out of bed before 10…John had me up at 8:30 this morning!! Probably a good thing since we ended up having a day full of company. Shortly after getting up, John and I headed to the grocery as some old friends (see picture below) were planning on stopping by for lunch as they were traveling back to Georgia from Connecticut. We have known them since I was taller than my brother…and for those of you who don’t know me that well, Alex passed me when he was in 6th grade and I was in 8th. It was great catching up with them. John and I also managed to get a few games of ping pong and rings (another great game) in while everyone was here. I am the overall champion but he defiantly had me in a few sticky places (we are not a competitive couple at all 😉 ) Saturday night finished with football and steak dinner.

Tomorrow I will be headed back to good old Raleigh. But before I do, a few more pictures from the week to send you off with….

I hope this gives you a good catch up on the week. Have a goodnight! 🙂 


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