Things I’m Loving Tuesday….Week 2!

Back again with a new list of things that I am loving….

This has been my go to wine since this summer…super sweet and pretty cheap at about $8 a bottle!! 
Lululemon headband. My mom just bought me two of them recently and they are great!! They stay put well and don’t pull your hair. I have them in gray and white. I defiantly want to get a couple fun colors. 
Delicious! And even better than the fact that they taste great, they are an easy on the go snack since they peel really easily. 
Adidas Team Speed Crew Socks. I think they sometimes look a little ridiculous on but they are probably my all time favorite pair of socks (and yes I have them in pink).
That’s it for this week’s “Things I’m Loving Tuesday” 🙂


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