Ideas for Success on Turkey Day

Gobble Gobble Gobble!! Its about that time; time to sit around the table with plates piled high as we give thanks for our friends, family, and all our many blessings. But what if this year, we change things around a bit, still give thanks but maybe back away from the piled high plates and overly full bellies that are ready to pop?! Over the last couple weeks at Jenny Craig we have had a board out for our clients to put their “Ideas for Success on Turkey Day” on and I have to say, they came up with some great tips and tricks!

success on tgiving


Some were pretty similar so I combined them into one but here is a good list to go by on your turkey day!

1. Don’t starve yourself before the meal, eat your typical breakfast.

2. Walk before or after the Thanksgiving meal.

3. Slow down by putting your fork down between every bite.

4. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables.

5. Take the skin off the turkey and skip the gravy.

6. Enjoy the people more than the food! 

7. Plan for no leftovers or send guests home with them.

8. Sign up for a Turkey Trot, 5k or 1mile.

9. Drink a big glass of water right before the big meal.

10. Eat off a salad plate to help keep portions small.

So do you have any other tips for success? Please share in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


Trick or Treat!

With Halloween just around the corner, candy is starting to float around the office, through the classroom, and soon to make its way to your home. Here are 10 of the “healthiest” choices when you give way to that little splurge during this spooky and oh so sugary season.

Bazooka Bubble gum — 20 calories per piece, no trans fat, and 5grams of sugar.
 Smarties — 25 calories per fun size roll, no trans fat, and 6grams of sugar.
 Chocolate Kiss — 26 calories per kiss, no trans fat, and 2.3grams of sugar.
Twizzler — 28 calories per twizzler, no trans fat, and 5.3grams of sugar.
Jelly Belly — 40 calories per 10 beans, no trans fat, and 7.7grams of sugar.
Gold Nugget — 45 calories per nugget, no trans fat, and 4grams of sugar.
Life Savers Hard Candy — 45 calories per 4 pieces, no trans fat, and 9grams of sugar.
Gummy Bears — 50 calories per fun size pack, no trans fat, and 7.3 grams of sugar.
Mike and Ike — 50 calories per fun size pack, no trans fat, and 9 grams of sugar.
Crunch — 60 calories per fun size bar, no trans fat, and 7 grams of sugar.

Happy early Halloween Y’all!! 

Thirsty Thursday

It’s time to party!! Let the drinks start flowing!!
 …. Jk!! Jk!! That’s not what this post is about…. This is a health in fitness blog, what’d you expect?! 

As I may have mentioned before I am not a big fan of plain old water… In fact I really don’t like it and I struggle to drink enough to keep up with my active lifestyle. Today, I am not going to go over the importance of water today as you can check back to my water post from a while ago to learn more about it, but rather I’m going to give you the break down on some of the calories you are consuming when you choose something else over water. These calories add up fast since they don’t keep us full and can be a good explanation for added weight gain. 
Gatorade — 50cals per 8oz 
Powerade — 50cals per 8oz
Lemonade — 99cals per 8oz
Un-sweetened ice — 6-10cal per 8oz
Sweet Tea — 90cals per 8oz
Sprite — 96cals per 8oz
Coke — 95cals per 8oz
Whole Milk — 150cals per 8oz
2% Milk — 122cals per 8oz
1% Milk — 102cals per 8oz
Skim Milk — 86cals per 8oz
Orange Juice — 112cals per 8oz 
Apple Juice — 117cals per 8oz
Beer — 100cals per 8oz (average)
Lite Beer — 65cals per 8oz (average)
Wine — 185cals per 8oz (on average a glass of wine is about 3-4oz) 
**please keep in mind that these are not exact amounts but rather approximations. 
So who thinks they may be getting a little extra pudge from these liquid calories? 
Have a great “thirsty” Thursday y’all! 

Getting Back on Track

Every now and again I find myself a little off track when it comes to my eating habits… Thank you baseball season!! 
…Regardless of your reason for getting off track here are some suggestions for when you have the “oh crap! I’ve gained a couple pounds” or “I feel like blah…what’s going on with me!?” moment and you’re ready to put your foot down and start eating healthy.
– Start recording what you are eating. This will make you much more aware of just how much or how little you are putting in your body. I use My Fitness Pal, it’s a great free app.
– Plan meals for the week and stick to them. This means planning meals that you have time to prepare as well as the ingredients for.
– Clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Get rid of the junk. If it isn’t in the house, you can’t eat it!
– Go grocery shopping with a list. This list should be based on the meals you have planned out. Don’t forget to plan snacks as well!
– Wash and cut up produce upon returning home from the grocery store. You are more likely to eat it if it’s easy to grab when you’re hungry.
– Finally, tell those around you who influence your eating habits that you are trying to eat more healthy. If they know, they are much more likely to give you the support you may need.
I hope this helps if you’re like me and have fallen off the healthy eating train!
Happy Monday Y’all!