Six Things Sunday 2

Hey y’all! I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend. Since my posts are (unfortunately) turning into weekly thing and less of a daily thing, let me catch you up on this past week and whats going on with me in this week’s Six Things Sunday post.

1. Buzz City. Yesterday afternoon my roommate came across a couple free tickets to the Charlotte Hornets game and I was lucky enough to get to tag along. We met with a couple of her friends who ended up being awesome and a were fun to go out with before and after the game. Before the game we hit up Whiskey River and after we headed over to Tilt. However, at the game our tickets introduced us to some interesting characters…including two that made us feel really old. We had two 18 year old guys, one of which was stroking a rabbits foot, ask us to buy them beer, of course we said no but their skinny jeans and rabbits foot were hard to turn down. 😉


2. Mason Jar Salads. Again the new roomie coming into play. She introduced me to these last week and I have to say they are awesome and keep everything super delicious and fresh. This week I used a lite blue cheese dressing, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, baked chicken, a hard boiled egg, and lettuce. What is especially nice about them is they are an easy make ahead lunch. The trick is to put the dressing in the bottom and keep the hearty veggies closest to the dressing. My layering is in the order that I gave you the ingredients. I highly recommend giving these a try if you are needing an easy lunch option.


3. Harris YMCA triathlon group. Over the last two weeks I have gotten to work with the tri group and y’all they are a great group. I feel like I can learn so much from the head coach who has so much experience with coaching and each member of the team brings so much to the table whether it be a little bit of spunk or years of experience with the sport. They are so much fun to be around and I am just so excited to get to spend time with them week after week.

4. Cat pee. Okay so this one isn’t as much fun but I need your help. If you recall in a post a while back, I told you about my additional roommate, Izzy. Izzy is my roommate’s cat and she has decided that my bed is a litter box sometimes. Well actually she went on it 3x last week. My current solution to the problem is putting a shower curtain liner on top of my bed everyday but what do you suggest to get her to stop the behavior?


5. Fuzzy Slippers. I don’t know if it is because its cold outside or the fact that I wear heels most everyday but slippers are a new favorite! Soft, cushy pillows for your tootsies… what could be better after a long day?!IMG_9217

6. Healthy Daddy. Early last week my dad finally went in to have his hip replaced and surgery went great! He is now home from the hospital and is up and moving around well already. I am so happy he was able to get this done and that he is on his way to a great recovery.


Thats it for this week, I hope each of you has a great week and hopefully I’ll be back before next Sunday!


Six Things Sunday

Hello! I hope you all had a fantastic week and are gearing up for another great one this week. Since each of these “6 Things” were going to get their own posts but I never really got around to it this week…. Here is a quick run down of whats going on in my life.

1. Trip to ATL. I mentioned in my last post that I made a speedy, 24hour trip to Atlanta last weekend. I got to see a good friend who I haven’t seen in years so it made all the traveling well worth it. The highlight of the trip though was going to Top Golf. If you’ve never been its kind of like bowling for golf. You rent out a bay for a certain amount of time at what looks like a massive driving range. Out on the range, there are targets and you play different games where you have to aim for certain targets. Hit the correct target and you get point, hit the incorrect target and you lose points…and not to worry, the computer keeps score for you, each ball has a sensor on it. The person with the most points at the end wins. It was definitely a do over in my book!


2. Happy Birthday Mom! I hope to be as beautiful and fabulous as you one day!


3. 1890 Blow Dry Bar. Well it was an experience…. but no way that place makes it. Essentially you get you hair washed, blown out, and styled. It was a cool experience and the stylist did an okay job but I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. I had the expectation of it being a social experience when we went in but it was far from that. I think had they set up the salon in a way that we all faced a big mirror and could see one another that I would have given it a better review.


4. Happy Birthday Grandma! Isn’t she great!?! 84 never looked so good!


5. Tobacco Road Half Marathon. I am looking for a race to get my season kicked off before my big Ironman training begins. Tobacco Road is March 15th so hopefully one of my Raleigh girls will want to participate as well.

6. Charlotte Dining Week. All over Charlotte this past week and this coming week many restaurants are participating in a three course, $30 meal. It is a pretty cool way to try out some of the fancy restaurants and foods that you’d otherwise probably never try. I went with my family and roommate this past Friday to Upstream. Aside from it being a really loud restaurant it was a cool place that I would definitely recommend. I had the Oyster Chowder as my starter, Lobster for my main course, and an apple crisp for dessert. I had never had oyster chowder or lobster before. The chowder was really good but I’m not so sure about the lobster. Glad I tried it but I think I would opt for something different next time.

So there you have it, a short recap on whats been going on in my life. I will hopefully be better this week about keeping you in the know.

Happy Sunday Y’all!

Yummy in my Tummy

Hey! I hope each of you had a fun filled weekend. I made it down to Atlanta for a quick 24hr trip to visit a good friend. I’m a little exhausted now but it was well worth it. I will be sure to give you a more in depth update of that in the coming days. But for now, I wanted to share a couple easy meals to help you get your week started off on the right foot.

1. For an easy, high protein breakfast:


Grab 2 frozen whole grain waffles, some almond almond butter, raisins, and a few chopped walnuts. Toast the waffles, smear on the almond butter, and sprinkle on the raisins and walnuts and you’re ready to go. I cut up an apple to go along with this. It was super filling and very delicious.

2. For a quick snack:


Grab the blender, throw in a banana, some greek yogurt, a handful of frozen strawberries, a little water and ice, hit blend and you are good to go. I like to add a few chi seeds in the mix as well, but not necessary.

3. For a complete lunch or dinner in minutes:

loaded potato

All you need is a sweet potato, frozen broccoli, pre-cooked chicken (I bake a couple chicken breasts at the beginning of each week to have on hand), and some low-fat shredded cheese. Stick the potato in the microwave for about 7min, steam the broccoli for about a minute in the microwave, and warm up the chicken for about 30seconds. I put it together like a loaded baked potato and finish it off with a little bit of cheese on top. This last time I added half an avocado to the mix for a little something extra.

So what are some of your easy, go to meals? Please share in the comments below.

I hope you week gets off on the right foot! 

Hello Freezing Cold!!

Holy Cow! Y’all it got cold today in Charlotte! And yes, I am complaining, I do not like the cold! There is a reason I don’t live way up North. But regardless, I still had to get in a workout so to the overly crowded gym I went. Since it was so packed, I didn’t even attempt to plan a workout using any of the machines but rather grabbed a mat and a a set of dumbbells and picked my itty bitty spot in the corner and got to work.

Today’s workout was 3 rounds of the following. Each set is done for 4minutes continually and each exercise 10reps at a time. Complete as many rounds as possible during those 4minutes.

Set 1:

Bodyweight Squats, Rows, and Walking Planks

Set 2: 

Lunge, Bicep Curls, Leg Lifts

Set 3:

RDL, Tricep Kickback, Supermans

Besides being a little tight on space, tonights workout was a success. Next time you are stuck in a crowded gym or at home with minimal equipment, give it a try.

Happy Wednesday Y’all!! 

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.10.41 PM

What Happens at the Scale….

So as you learned back in October in my “Let’s Play Catch-Up” post, I work for a weight loss company. Part of working for a weight loss company is that you weigh in A LOT of people. To some it is just a number but to others it might as well be life or death. Also, at the scale you learn a lot about a person…. so here are the 5 types of people who get on the scale….

1. The Avoider…how long can I stall?! Maybe if I keep talking about my cute, new puppy and crazy, ex boyfriend she will forget that I need to weigh in and that brownie I ate will totally be void this week. I’ll just keep telling her about my awesome plan to go to the gym this coming week so she doesn’t have to know about that whole bag of potato chips. I’ll totally work it off this week…well maybe.  Shit! She didn’t forget! What can I do now…time for plan B…I need pee, that totally buys me 3minutes!

2. The Stripper… How many items of clothing can I take off and it still be acceptable for me to be on the scale standing beside a total stranger?   If I take off more than I did last week then it will be like I lost more weight than I really did and if I don’t lose as much next week, I will be able to blame it on heavy clothes that week. Perfect plan…let me first take off my light weight sweater, shoes, socks, bobby pin, lipstick, belt, necklace, ring, ponytail holder, belly button lint…Perfect!

3. The “Don’t Tell Me, I Can’t Look”… I’m just going to step on the scale backwards and not look unless I did good, in that case totally tell me and I want to see. Oh and if I didn’t do good I am about to confess to eating my whole refrigerator, pantry, and tray of cookies at my neighbors house. Then tell you about how I haven’t worked out all week and I might have binged watched the entire first and second season of Scandal while drinking a bottle of wine and eating a bag of fun sized snickers….but hey they were fun sized, thats got to count for something!!

4. The Overly Emotional…. I AM THE MOST AMAZING PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Let me sing and dance and scream and let the whole world know, I just lost 1/2 a pound…. and now I am skinny!!! I did everything perfect and I am so awesome.. its like unicorns are jumping over rainbows and singing in voices of angels! (as a consultant, I love these people but far too often get—>) OH NO!!! The world is coming to an end… I GAINED 1/2 a pound the week of Christmas where I had three parties, a family dinner, and a cookie exchange!!! Time for that total stranger to put on her therapist hat and grab the box of tissues, I may need to be admitted to the hospital…my body has to have something wrong with it, I did ALL the right things!! I should be losing like 12lbs a week!!! This could quite possibly be the worst day of my life!!

5. I’m Totally Going To….never ever see that number again! It is too high, I must lose weight! I’m going to do it this week!….But I am not going to give up my nightly bottle of wine, bag of Cheetos, caramel-frappa-mocha-double-shot-extra-whip-hotty-totty-1400000000calorie latte, or even consider exercising. Yea…I am 100%, totally on board the losing weight train! I am going to have a great week and I am going to tell you the EXACT same thing next week when I am STILL DISAPPOINTED in the number.

So there you have it, the 5 types of people you meet come weigh in time…..

I know this post was a little out of the ordinary for me but I thought you could all use a little glimpse of into what a day in the life of a weight loss consultant looks like…. And don’t get me wrong, I love each of these people. The avoider, you give me a good laugh, your creativity is fantastic. The stripper, you scare me at times, please keep your clothes on! I don’t want to see all that! Mister (Miss) I can’t look, I know you are peaking, and I am okay with that! The Overly Emotional person, I’m always here to support your roller-coaster no matter how high or low it is. And finally the I’m going to do it…you’re not fooling me but I can’t wait for the ah-ha moment when you really let me help you get to your goal.

Happy Tuesday Y’all! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.41.30 PM


Let’s Get the Party Started!

Happy Monday Y’all! I’m sure many of you are headed back to work or school after a nice hiatus through the holidays. I unfortunately did work through the holidays but still managed to squeeze in all the holiday fun I wanted (see yesterday’s post) which has put quite the damper on my typical healthy eating and regular exercise routine. Originally I had planned to kickstart my workouts at the beginning of December after taking a short break to recover from the marathon, as I mentioned in my Offseason Training post. That worked great till about the week of Christmas…. So here I am, ready to kick off the new year with a new training program but this time with a new goal.

This new goal is something I have wanted to accomplish for a long time. And I especially wanted to accomplish before turning 25. So this is the year. I am training for my first ever FULL IRONMAN!!! Thats right, that 140.6mile race consisting of a 2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, and 26.2mile run. I signed up over Christmas (Merry Christmas to me) to compete in Ironman Cozumel November 29th, 2015. And you might ask why before 25, well the answer is simple. 25 is when I move into the big girls league. Racing at 24, my age group is still small and tends to be a little less competitive but come 25 and beyond, the numbers and the competition greatly increase.

So now comes the hard part…training. How in the world do you train for a race this long? How long do you train for this? Should I complete all the distances before going into that day? Should I do a half iron as a warm up for this race? The questions go on and on. So for now, although as I talk to more people this may change, I am going to start my training now. I have found a 36week program online from Trifuel (anyone used it before??) that has gotten good reviews from others who have used it before with the only caveat to add a little extra distance to the long runs. I know 36weeks puts me starting the week of March 23rd so in the time leading up to then, I am going to work on building a base. I plan to pick a half marathon to do in the month of March as kind of my season opener so I will train for that plus adding in some miles on the bike and in the pool as cross-training. However, up till March, my main focus will the half marathon and strength training.

And since training for an Ironman is soooo many grueling hours, I figured why not reward myself?! I have created a jar that I will be putting a dollar in for every workout that I do leading up to the race. That way, when the race is all said and done at the end of November and I am an IRONMAN, I will be able to treat myself to something nice. Not sure what it will be yet but once I figure it out I will let you know.

So there you have it, my 2015 goal. What are your goals for 2015? Please share in the comments below.



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hey y’all! I hope you have had a very happy holiday season, are well rested, and have a good jump on those new years resolutions. Since I have been so pitiful on my holiday updates, I am going to take you through the 12 holiday high points, sort of like the 12 days of Christmas…

1. A visit with our good Friends the Coggins kicked off Christmas week for us. Congrats Jaclyn on your engagement!!

2. Christmas party at my parents house with family friends. I won Left Right Center and we had a Gingerbread House Competition. So Fun!

The “Kids” … I think it is safe to say we have all grown up a bit. 2 in college, 4 college grads, and 1 engaged!! WOW, where has the time gone?!


3. Baking Christmas cookies. Let’s just say we had the good, the bad, and the ugly amongst our 90+ cookies!

#ChristmasCookieSelfie !!


4. Christmas Eve Christmas shopping with my little brother… this has become a tradition at my house and I love getting to spend a little time just the two of us.

5. Writing our annual letters to Santa. Alex always has the most creative of letters. That boy, although he can be a bit much at times, sure is a funny one.

6. New Christmas jammies. Grandma has been giving us an ornament and PJs every year on Christmas Eve since I was a little baby.


7. Santa stopped by and was WAYYY too generous at our house! Those elves sure were busy this year!

8.NEW CAR!!!! Thanks daddy!!! My pretty little girl still remains nameless… Any suggestions??


 9. A quick visit from our friends the Andrews. It was great getting to catch up with them.

10. Belk Bowl! Go Dawgs! So much fun to see a former Kimball Farmer (my childhood neighborhood) tear it up on the field. Congrats to David Andrews on finishing his college career with a great performance and a victory.

Congrats David!!  

11.New Years eve… dad and his girls (mom, grandma, and I)! We went to Vine American Kitchen for dinner and it was delicious; a great last meal of 2014.

Hello giant piece of cake!!!

12. New Years Day….Moving day! Well moving day wasn’t exactly the best but being in a new apartment is pretty awesome! The place is great, roommate is very nice, and there is a crazy cat named Izzy. I’m sure I’ll have some Izzy stories for you as the year progresses.

Meet Izzy! The crazy cat the plays fetch and is a ton of help unpacking…Can’t you tell?!


That was my holiday season in a nutshell…. So what are your high points of the holiday season? Please share in the comments below. I love getting to know more about my readers 🙂