Top 5 Dates

After going out on a date last night, it got me thinking a little about some of the best dates I’ve ever been on and/or dates that I think would be really fun.  Here are my top 5 picks: 

1. Stating with my date from last night; dinner and bowling. Dinner allowed for some quality get to know each other time then bowling allowed us to interact and be a little competitive. It was fun getting to see his goofy side. Here is a picture from the bowling evening… 

2. Going to a sporting event. This can be a little expensive but if you pay attention there are almost always ways of getting cheap tickets. I’ve been lucky enough to score some great tickets to Hurricans games lately. 

3. Cooking dinner together followed by a movie. Cheap date… Always nice when dating on a budget. And who knows, you may learn he can cook 😉 
4. Going to a local park. Again, it is cheap. You can pack a picnic and a frisbee or just go for a walk. 
5. Dinner and game night with another couple. I’ve never actually done this but I think it could be a lot of fun with the right couple. 
What are some of your favorite dates? 

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