Things I’m loving *Thursday

Well since I missed Tuesday for a couple weeks now I thought I’d make up for it by posting it on a Thursday…

Harris Teeter brand vitamin water. Zero calories and a little kick of flavor. I haven’t tried them all yet but I think the lemonade one is my favorite so far. 

Instagram. This has by far become my go to social media. I enjoy all the filters. Makes me feel like I’m actually taking good pictures 😉 
I have never been a huge hockey fan but I have been fortunate to recieve free tickets on several occasions this season and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The games are fast paced and the atmosphere is great. Win or lose, I always have a good time. GO CANES!!

This is an out door group fitness class with locations all over Raleigh (and elsewhere). The one I went to was awesome. The instructor catered to all levels and made the workout a ton of fun. If you are looking for something new, you should give it a try. 

Wine and Design. It is just as it sounds. Bring your own wine and they teach you to paint a particular picture. I had a great time and I even got a cool piece of art out of it. 

Hopefully you can enjoy a few of these things yourself. Have a great Thursday! 


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