Treadmill Workout

I know many of you runners are hating these colder, shorter days and have been pushed to the runners least best friend, the treadmill. Although it is a handy machine, the minutes can seem to drag by. Here is an hour workout (including warmup and cool down) that will hopefully help you to stick to that hour you targeted when you walked into the gym: 

10min warm-up: 
3.5-4.0 (walk) 5min (5min)
4.5-5.5 (light jog) 5min (10min)
40min main set: 
Long Slow Set: 
6.0 (very comfortable jog)–5min(15min)
6.5 (comfortable)–4min (19min)
7.0 (could go a while but getting more difficult)–2min (21min)
7.5 (tough but not a sprint, tempo pace)–1min (22min)
7.0–2min (24min)
6.5–4min (28min)
6.0–5min (33min)
7.0–3min (35min)
7.5–2min (37min)
7.0–3min (40min)
6.0–5min (45min)
Quick Speed Set: 
6.5– 1min (46min)
8.0 (not an all out sprint but difficult)– 1min (47min)
6.0– 2min (49min) 
8.0– 1min (50min)
6.0– 2min (52min) 
8.0– 1min (53min) 
6.0– 2min (55min) 
5min cool down:
4.5-5.5 (light jog)–3min (58min)
3.5-4.0 (walk)– 2min (60min) 
*can adjust speeds based on your running ability. This workout is based on someone who typically runs 8:45-9:15min miles. See descriptions of how each speed should feel to vary it up. 
**the last numbers in parenthesis are what the time on the treadmill should read …just incase any of you get runners brain like me and can’t do math on the fly 😉
Happy Running! 


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