Exercising Under the Weather

From a few of my new to running/exercising friends I have been receiving the same question over and over again… I have a (insert small sickness…cold, sore throat, etc) should I still workout? 

Unfortunately the answer isn’t straight forward and depends on you body but here are some guidelines to consider… 
– Are you achy? Is it hard to get out of bed? Are you absolutely drained? — if this is the case, a day of rest is probably for the best. 
– I’m starting to feel some symptoms but I’m fuctional — this is kinda the gray zone. My recommendation is to still workout but take it down a notch. If you were supposed to do a hard run, maybe go for an easy walk/jog instead. You’ll still get the endorphins boost but you won’t be draining yourself.  
– I’m not feeling absolutely terrible but this cold, cough, etc is lingering forever — this is another gray zone but I tend to say if something has lingered for more an 3-5 days it may be time for a rest day. 
Regardless of if you decide an off day is beneficial to you, when you’re feeling a little under the weather, be sure you are eating (getting protein), drinking plenty of water and getting extra sleep. 
Also, if you do take the off day, don’t guilt trip yourself. Remember, you are exercising to be a healthier person. Listening to what your body needs is important in being the healthiest you can be. 
Wishing you all a healthy Tuesday! 

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