Holiday Update

Sorry for the long time between postings. It has been a busy and very happy holiday season. To give a quick update lets head back to Dec. 18th. That is the day I graduated from NCSU and drove home to Charlotte…

Charlotte is where I spent time with family through Christmas. We did our typical Christmas Eve traditions of going to church, making a big family meal, driving around looking at Christmas lights, opening a new candy cane ornament and PJs from Grandma, and of course we wrote our letters to Santa (yes at 22 I still write a letter to Santa). We have a great time and lots of laughs as we act maybe a little less than our age…hangiing spoons on our noses, making the wine glasses sing, and balancing napkin rings on our heads, but it is all in good fun. Christmas day we also have our family traditions. On Christmas day we first have to check for Santa. Santa comes to the basement and Dad has to go downstairs and check first to make sure he came. And guess what… he sure did!! πŸ˜‰ My favorite part is always the stocking because it is always jam packed with more than I could ever imagine or fit in there myself. Next, we move back upstairs for breakfast and presents. Alex (my brother) always goes first handing out his gifts to everyone since he can hardly handle keeping secrets…hints why he buys on Christmas Eve!! We open one gift at a time to make Christmas last as long as possible. This year we finished opening gifts at 2pm (granted we don’t start till about 10am). It was a great Christmas πŸ™‚

Then a few days later as a family, plus a couple extras (Lindsey, Alex’s girlfriend & John, my boyfriend) all flew down to Mexico to ring in the New Year. Everyday was 70-80 degrees!! I defiantly miss that since NC has become the Arctic all of a sudden. We were there for one week and had a blast hanging on the beach, playing games, and doing maybe a bit too much drinking. John and I (and I think Alex and Lindsey) managed to get in a few good workouts. It was fun getting to run in a new place and explore a little. My favorite thing to see along my runs were all the Iguanas. They are some awesome but slightly scary looking dudes. While we were in Mexico we had a very cultural New Years Eve experience. We got on a boat with about 400-ish other people, maybe 30 others who spoke English, and cruised to an island for dinner and a show. I think we even saw a Mexican proposal…not sure though since it was in Spanish. Even though the water was rough, it started raining, and the food and drink sucked we still had a great time brining in the New Year all together with our extra large 12 grapes (a Mexican tradition similar to our black eyed peas and collard greens) and dancing. I’m pretty sure we all agreed that we would never do it again but we were all glad we had the experience. On the last day of the trip we visited the Myan Ruins. That was pretty cool but then again there were so many Iguanas I think I was more fascinated by them than anything else. It was a great trip with lots of laughs and good memories.

And now… unfortunately the holidays have come and gone and it is back to reality. Well kind of! I am currently applying for nursing school. I am looking to apply to accelerated bachelors of science nursing programs to start in the fall. I got my first application in yesterday. If any of you have advice or experience let me know!! I am all ears πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a happy holiday season and returning to reality hasn’t been too rough!

Stay Warm!! πŸ™‚


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