Off Season

Offseason…the best and worst time of the year. Offseason is great because it gives you body a chance to recover after a long grueling year of training but it is also the worst because laziness can set it. Not having a race to prepare for often times makes even the most dedicated athletes a little lazy. That is why, starting after Thanksgiving (I promised my mom I would rest and take it super easy till Thanksgiving) I have set some goals for myself for this offseason:

1. Don’t let your running base completely fade away. Currently, I can run 20ish miles without much of an issue, come the end of offseason I can usually only run 5-6miles no issue. This year the goal is to come out of the offseason with a 10-15mile base.

2. Increase strength. I am a very strong person but I have noticed that as I have been competing in these long endurance events, I am not as strong as I once was. I hope by increasing strength I am able to better avoid injuries.

3. Increase flexibility. Due to all the repetitive motions of running, biking, and swimming, my muscles have become very tight. I know this hinders my performance. Just like strength, by increasing flexibility I hope to be able to avoid injuries.

4. Work on post workout nutrition. In the past I have just eaten whatever looked good as I walked through the door after a workout, this offseason I want to work on being intentional about what I am eating to better aid in my recovery.

What are your goals for the offseason?


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