Here are a handful of questions that I get on a regular basis from friends and family…

1. What [race] is next?
Short answer, I don’t know. I am on the look out for my next half ironman and Raleigh Half (June 1st) is looking pretty good to me. 

2. I want to run a race, what do I do?

Most vague question of the century!!! However, even with that I do have a few starting points for you:
1. Get fitted for a running shoe at your local running/tri store.
2. Pick a goal race. 
3. Figure out a training plan (happy to help you here) that works for you and stick with it where you can and make adjustments when you need to.

3. What kind of running shoes do you wear? Why did you pick those?
I run in Brooks Glycerin. They are a neutral shoe with high cushion. And I didn’t pick them, they picked me. This is what happens at a running shoe fitting. They allow you to try on multiple shoes based on some initial evaluations of your feet and you pick the one that feels best.  My added touch to my running shoes are speed laces. I discovered these my first season of triathlon and will never go back to running without them. They are great for triathlons because they make your shoes easy to slip on in transition but they are even better for me because they allow your shoes to stretch. This is so important to me because my feet swell terribly when I am running and that little extra give makes the swollen feet a little more tolerable. 

4. What do you eat before you workout? After?
Two answers, if I am working out and its not going to be a super strenuous workout it is some kind of bar (KIND bars are my current favorite but this rotates). If I am going to be doing a harder/longer workout an english muffin with almond butter and dried coconut is my go to. As far as after…this is something I need to work on!! I try to eat within the hour something that has carbs and protein but what usually happens is something sugary because that is what I crave as I walk through the door. Getting better at eating post workout is a goal of mine for this off season/up coming season.

5. School is coming to an end, what are you doing after you graduate?
This is the million dollar question and I wish I could answer it. Right now I am applying for jobs in the Raleigh and Charlotte area in hopes of finding something full time. I am looking for a health/wellness position. I have applied for several personal training openings and am currently waiting to hear back from them. 

6. Why do you like running so much?
Because its cheaper than therapy 😉 Running has always been my release but I also love how it makes me feel afterwards. No matter how bad the run is, its always better than no run at all. Running has also become social for me, this is a time I get to chat with friends uninterrupted which is super awesome in todays world. 

7. My (fill in body part) hurts, what should I do?
PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE!!! NEWS FLASH…I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!! My answer will always be either how I delt with that injury myself or a returned question of have you gone to the doctor. If you haven’t gone to the doctor I will tell you to do that first and if you have I am happy to help you on your recovery. Often times the “cure” is RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and work on flexibility. 

8. What is your favorite race distance?
My favorite distance race is the half ironman. It pushes you wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out of your comfort zone but is still a do-able distance to train for with a hectic schedule. I love that it is a race where you are both strategizing but also pushing yourself to your limits. 

I hope this answers a few of those burning question. What other questions do you have?


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