Walk it Out Wednesday

I hear all the time that “I don’t have a gym” or “I can’t run” …blah blah blah “I don’t workout” !! Here is a workout for all you “I don’t workouters!” 

This workout is going to take a lunch time walk to a whole new level… All you need is yourself, some shoes, a watch,  and a safe place to walk. This workout will take 30min, including warm up and cool down. I will break it down by the minute for you. 
Minutes 1-4:59 — leisurely walk. Just get yourself moving. 
Minutes 5-6:59 — pick up the pace a little. Should be a brisk walking pace that you should be able to maintain for a while. Make sure your arms are pumping. I will refer to this as your base pace. 
Minutes 7-7:59 — high knee walk. Bring your knees up as high as you can towards your chest. This should be done somewhere between leisurely pace and base pace. 
Minutes 8-12:59 — base pace.  
Minutes 13-13:59 — walking butt kickers. Stretch out those quads and gain a little range of motion. You will be kicking your heels to your butt as you walk. Should be done at the same pace as the high knees. 
Minutes 14-17:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 18-18:59 — side step right. Turn to the side and take large steps leading with your right leg. Be sure not to cross your legs as you do not want to get tripped up. This will work on some hip strength. 
Minutes 19-22:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 23-23:59 —  side step left. Turn the other way and lead with your left leg.
Minutes 24-27:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 28-28:59 — leisurely pace. 
Minutes 29-30 — stretching. Touch your toes for 20 seconds. Be sure not bounce. Deep breathing with arms extending towards the sky for 20 seconds opening up your abdomen. 20 seconds gentle twisting to each side. 
So how does that sounds? Not too bad? Let me know if you decide to give it a try! Have a great “walk it out” Wednesday! 🙂 


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