Macaroni and Cheese

Yesterday, as we were all iced in, all I could think about was wanting some warm comfort food to go along with my lazy day on the couch. However, I wanted to make it at least somewhat healthy since after all I was being super lazy (on my off day from training) and had no intentions of getting outside even to walk. That is when I came across a “healthy” mac ‘n cheese recipe. I will admit, it isn’t quite as good as the real thing but it definitely fit my craving. 

Whole wheat elbows (or whatever kind you like)
2 cup 2% or low fat shredded cheese (I recommend using sharp cheddar)
1/2 cup plain low fat greek yogurt
Salt and Pepper to taste
Onion Powder and Garlic Powder (I used a very minimal amount but it is up to you)
1. Cook pasta according to box directions. 
2. Drain pasta but save about 1cup of the drained water. 
3. Place pasta and about a 1/4-1/2cup of the water back in the pot.
4. Stir in cheese till melted. 
5. Add greek yogurt and seasonings. 
5. If too thick add a little more water, if not, serve and enjoy! 
I added a turkey sausage and a little fruit on the side to make mine a more complete meal. 
Happy Cooking! 

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