Tri Season Opener!!

Woohoo!! Triathlon season has finally arrived. I feel like I’ve been training forever so I’m super happy to finally start competing again.

Yesterday, I competed in a super sprint race called “Girls Run the World.” It was an all female event and a great way to shake off some of the rust before heading into my bigger races in the coming weeks. It was a 250yd pool swim, 10mi bike, and a 2mi run.  So a super short race but still a very strenuous race. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with triathlons, a super sprint is just as it sounds…a SUPER SPRINT!! You go all out the entire time. This is defiantly not the kind of race I enjoy as I tend to enjoy a more long distance, aerobic race as opposed to an anaerobic sprint. But, nonetheless it was nice to have an entire race done with in under an hour!! 

Now to recap yesterday…. 

5:00AM — beep beep beep!!! Alarm goes off in blaring fashion. 
5:20 — headed out the door with breakfast in hand. 
5:55 — arrive at race site. 
6:00 — unload car and get set up in transition. 

6:30 — body marking. 
6:40 — warm up. 10min jog and about a 200 in the pool. 
7:00 — pre-race meeting. 
7:10 — line up in the pool. 
7:11 — START!! 

My swim started strong. I was feeling good. It was a 10lap snaked swim through the pool.  At about my third turn I swallowed a huge mouthful of water as I breathed right into someone else’s splash. This defiantly took me out of rhythm a bit but didn’t slow me down too much. Fortunately for me, the people around me seeded themselves correctly so I didn’t have to do any fighting in the super narrow lanes to pass. Getting out of the pool was a bit of a challenge for me… I missed the railing for the ladder and slammed my right shin on the edge of the pool (Sporting a pretty battle wound today). Again, not slowing me down as I was determined to catch the other half of the K squared team (my training partner Kimberly) who was up ahead of me. 

Team K Squared 🙂

Transition one… Great! Got in and out in about 18seconds. Everything went pretty smoothly. 

Bike…HELLO HILLS!! This I was not prepared for. Since it was such a short race I did not look into the course before it started like I typically would for a longer race. I ended up averaging 18.5mph but defiantly feel as if I am capable of going a little faster than that on a more flat course. I ended up passing two other triathletes on the bike course. Tough course but was overall happy with my performance. 

Transition two, subpar. My “dumb” brain had set in a little and I wasn’t focusing quite as well…tends to happen when I’m working hard for an extended period of time. I struggled to re-rack my bike making me lose a few seconds. 

Run… Bring on the hills round two! This was a tough 2miler that couldn’t end fast enough. My feet were asleep for about the first mile. Tends to happen after being on the bike for a while. Still, I managed through this. I didn’t end up having my best run of all times but it was still decent. I averaged a 7:54 pace. Something for a longer race that’d I’d be super happy with but not for this short of one.  Was hopeing to be closer to a 7:00-7:15 pace. Still I managed to hold off the girl behind me that was closing in quickly. 
8:05 — DONE! Crossed the finish line in 53min and 47sec. This placed me 5th overall and 1st in my age group. 

As a whole, it was a decent race and defiantly helped me shake off the rust. Happy to have it under my belt. 

Look for me to be back in action racing next weekend at Carolina International down at lake Norman 🙂 

Have a great Monday y’all!! 

PS thank you Bre and John for coming out and cheering me on!!! Love you two!! 

Thirsty Thursday

It’s time to party!! Let the drinks start flowing!!
 …. Jk!! Jk!! That’s not what this post is about…. This is a health in fitness blog, what’d you expect?! 

As I may have mentioned before I am not a big fan of plain old water… In fact I really don’t like it and I struggle to drink enough to keep up with my active lifestyle. Today, I am not going to go over the importance of water today as you can check back to my water post from a while ago to learn more about it, but rather I’m going to give you the break down on some of the calories you are consuming when you choose something else over water. These calories add up fast since they don’t keep us full and can be a good explanation for added weight gain. 
Gatorade — 50cals per 8oz 
Powerade — 50cals per 8oz
Lemonade — 99cals per 8oz
Un-sweetened ice — 6-10cal per 8oz
Sweet Tea — 90cals per 8oz
Sprite — 96cals per 8oz
Coke — 95cals per 8oz
Whole Milk — 150cals per 8oz
2% Milk — 122cals per 8oz
1% Milk — 102cals per 8oz
Skim Milk — 86cals per 8oz
Orange Juice — 112cals per 8oz 
Apple Juice — 117cals per 8oz
Beer — 100cals per 8oz (average)
Lite Beer — 65cals per 8oz (average)
Wine — 185cals per 8oz (on average a glass of wine is about 3-4oz) 
**please keep in mind that these are not exact amounts but rather approximations. 
So who thinks they may be getting a little extra pudge from these liquid calories? 
Have a great “thirsty” Thursday y’all! 

Walk it Out Wednesday

I hear all the time that “I don’t have a gym” or “I can’t run” …blah blah blah “I don’t workout” !! Here is a workout for all you “I don’t workouters!” 

This workout is going to take a lunch time walk to a whole new level… All you need is yourself, some shoes, a watch,  and a safe place to walk. This workout will take 30min, including warm up and cool down. I will break it down by the minute for you. 
Minutes 1-4:59 — leisurely walk. Just get yourself moving. 
Minutes 5-6:59 — pick up the pace a little. Should be a brisk walking pace that you should be able to maintain for a while. Make sure your arms are pumping. I will refer to this as your base pace. 
Minutes 7-7:59 — high knee walk. Bring your knees up as high as you can towards your chest. This should be done somewhere between leisurely pace and base pace. 
Minutes 8-12:59 — base pace.  
Minutes 13-13:59 — walking butt kickers. Stretch out those quads and gain a little range of motion. You will be kicking your heels to your butt as you walk. Should be done at the same pace as the high knees. 
Minutes 14-17:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 18-18:59 — side step right. Turn to the side and take large steps leading with your right leg. Be sure not to cross your legs as you do not want to get tripped up. This will work on some hip strength. 
Minutes 19-22:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 23-23:59 —  side step left. Turn the other way and lead with your left leg.
Minutes 24-27:59 — base pace. 
Minutes 28-28:59 — leisurely pace. 
Minutes 29-30 — stretching. Touch your toes for 20 seconds. Be sure not bounce. Deep breathing with arms extending towards the sky for 20 seconds opening up your abdomen. 20 seconds gentle twisting to each side. 
So how does that sounds? Not too bad? Let me know if you decide to give it a try! Have a great “walk it out” Wednesday! 🙂 

Things I’m Loving Tuesday

Back again for another edition of Things I’m Loving Tuesday. This week I have 4 things to share with you…

#1Tervis water bottle. I love it because it doesn’t leak, keeps my drink cold or hot, and has a lifetime warranty. Also it is great this time a year when the pollen is in the air because the lid closes over the mouth piece.

#2 LuLu Lemon headbands. They stay in place with rubber grip (doesn’t pull your hair), aren’t too tight that they give you a headache and they come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

#3 Hummus and Carrots. This has quickly become a go to healthy snack for me. It is quick and easy and super delicious!
#4. Loreal Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Love love love it! My color is staying brighter, my hair is softer, and it smells great!
That’s it for this week! Happy Tuesday Y’all!!





Man Candy Monday

Since my love life is a little on the non existent side these days and “love” is apart of the name of my blog, I thought I’d share something even better with you today… Some damn good lookin’ men! Here are my top 3 “Man Candy Monday” picks: 

#1 Luke Keechly; middle linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, attended Boston College and is only 22 years old!! 
#2 Ryan Lochte; US Olympic swimmer and 11 time Olympic medalist. 
#3 Matthew McConaughey; defiantly a little old for me but he sure has aged well. He has been acting since 1989 and is in many well known films. 
I hope this brightened up your Monday! Have a great day!


Thing* I’m loving Tuesday

Slightly different this Tuesday as I am only going to share a single product…

Ever wondered what that crazy color tape is that you see the professional athletes or even your everyday runner sporting? The answer to that question is KT Tape. So now you may be wondering what’s its purpose? How does it work? Why do they wear it? Should I invest in it? How do you use it? Etc. Etc. So here is the break down….

What’s its purpose?
KT tape is used to help relieve pain and provide support in a lightweight, non-restrictive manner to aches and pains. It can be used for joints, soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, as well as muscles. 

So how does it work?
It is made of a material that can be stretched in all directions. Based on how it is applied (get to that in a minute) it can provide the pain relief and support that you are looking for. 

How do you apply it?
This is the hard part I will admit but their are great video tutorials online once you have narrowed in on what your pain is. From my own experience it is beneficial to watch the video at least once before applying it then re-play it while you are actually applying it. Be sure to pay close attention to where they say stretch it and how much to stretch to achieve maximum support and pain relief. From personal experience, it usually takes 2 or 3 times to get the hang of it. Also, be sure the area you are applying the tape is free of any oils. I have had best results with using an alcohol wipe to clean the area then spraying hairspray on the area before applying the tape. Be sure to give it a good rub after applying it. This is what makes it stick to the skin. 

Who should wear it?
Anyone with aches and pains who is too active to wear a bulky wrap or brace or if it is an area (like a back or hip) that you cannot easily apply a brace or wrap. 

It’s kind of expensive, can you re-use it?
I will say this is a bit of a downfall to the product but I will also say that the cost has been worth it. Although it is not reusable, it does last several days. It can be worn in water, sand, mud, etc. The biggest issue I have had with it not lasting as long as I feel it should is when I am changing clothes and it will occasionally roll making it useless. So as long as you are careful it should get its monies worth of wear. As an aside note, it doesn’t always last quite as long on your feet. 

Be honest, does this stuff really work?
Honest opinion..YES!! It takes practice applying it though to get it to really feel the benefits. I regularly wear it on my feet and it has certainly helped. I have also worn it on my IT band and knee. I can’t think of any reason I would try anything else at this point. 

This is a picture of me sporting some black tape on my knee/IT band (& training partner Kimberly) at Thunder Road Marathon.

So have any of you ever tried it? What’d you think? 
Happy Tuesday Y’all!!