Race Packing

As fun as it is to travel, sometimes traveling for a big race is a bit of a nightmare. This is because you have all the “what if” scenarios that you actually have to take into account. For example packing for tomorrows race, I can check the weather 10times but up until the morning of I won’t know exactly what it’s like outside. Plus 50 degrees and humid is totally different than 50 degrees and windy. So here is my list of race essentials then I will go into packing for the weather.


– Watch ( I love my Garmin 🙂 )
– Race Belt (this is to hold my number on which ever layer is the outer most at the time)
– Road ID (I never hit the roads without it…kinda like my little security blanket)
– Compression Socks
– KT Tape
– Extra Hair Ties (nothing worse than having to run a race with your hair down if it broke at the start line)
– Body Glide (best stuff ever!!!)
– A good fitting sports bra (I may not be big chested but I can certainly still tell if I don’t have a good one on…ouch!!)
– Running Shoes with bungee laces (If your feet swell like mine the bungee laces are a must!!)
– Fuel

**I’ll touch on fuel, KT Taps, and Compression Socks at a later date 🙂

CLOTHING…Packing for the weather:

Scenario 1: HOT HOT HOT
Minimal clothing.  One days like this I tend to only wear my short and sports bra then strap that race belt around my waste. Days like this are essential for body glide as their will be friction when you get super sweaty.

Scenario 2: 50-60degree…nice day
This is the perfect running weather, throw on a pair of shorts and your favorite running top and you’re good to go.

Scenario 3: 40-45degrees
This is a range I tend to struggle with cause at the end of the day 40 is cold but running will warm you right up. I tend to go with shorts and 2 layers up top, a tank or tee with a light weight long sleeve over top. On days like this I try and do about a mile run close to where I am started to see what all I really want to have on. Somedays I keep it all and other days I shed that top layer. I will also break out the gloves at this point….I hate cold fingers.

Scenario 4: Below 40degrees
This is when I start to layer up especially up top. It is extremely important to keep your chest warm when you are working out in the cold. You’re already breathing in that cold air thats going to burn in your lungs so lets not put a double whammy on that and have a cold chest too. For my layers I start with a tight fitting long sleeve then add another lighter layer long sleeve and usually a fleece vest on top of all that. For the bottom half I wear my running tights (….this is the only good thing about cold running, I love wearing my running tights). Gloves and a hat or ear warmers are essential at this point.

A few tips for dressing for the weather in a race (or just a run)…
– As a general rule of thumb you want to dress like it is 15ish degrees warmer than what it says. For example if it says 50, pretend its about 65.
– Do a “warm-up” mile close to your starting point is really helpful. This will help you to decide exactly what is essential for your run ahead.
– Wear what is comfortable for you and don’t change it up on race day!! (I had some nice bloody feet after a race where I used new socks…not good!)
– If it’s cold, keep those layers on as long as you can before that gun goes off…I usually only have about 2min worth of feeling chilled at the start line.

I hope this helps a little bit as you are preparing/packing for your next race 🙂


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