Just a Few Thoughts

So this post doesn’t really fall into any of the categories of this blog but…. Here are a few thoughts I’ve had over the last couple days…. 1. Folding laundry might be the worst thing ever….can you tell I have laundry waiting for me in the dryer to fold? But really, come on engineering friends, […]

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Man Candy Monday

Since my love life is a little on the non existent side these days and “love” is apart of the name of my blog, I thought I’d share something even better with you today… Some damn good lookin’ men! Here are my top 3 “Man Candy Monday” picks:  #1 Luke Keechly; middle linebacker for the Carolina […]

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Road Safey

Now that spring is in the air and many runners and bikers are leaving the gym to hit the roads it is important to keep in mind safety. Here are somethings to keep in mind as not only a runner or biker but also a driver.  1. This first one is for runners and bikers… […]

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Whole30 Challenge…

Failed. This Sunday morning I came to the conclusion that the Whole30 Challenge was not the healthiest option for me. As you read in last weeks update I was struggling with low energy and headaches as well as some digestive issues, while at the completion of week 2, the same issues were still present. I […]

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Whole30 Week 1

A week ago today I started the Whole30 Challenge. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it is a 30 day cleanse of processed foods, added sugars, leguems, grains, dairy, and alcohol. AKA anything super delicious… Don’t even think about it!!  Update:  Days 1&2 were pretty rough, I was always starving. I couldn’t seem to […]

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Whole30 Update

I’m STARVING!!!! I love all that I am eating I just feel like I can’t get enough food in me.  Day one, I consumed less than 1,000 calories and I felt like I ate all day. Day two I did much better, getting to 1,900 calories, thanks to the addition of smoothies, but still I […]

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Whole30 Challenge…

Accepted!! Starting on Monday, my good friend and training partner, Kimberly and I will be embarking on a 30 day challenge of no processed foods. The challenge is to eat only whole foods for thirty days in a row. This means no dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes, or anything with added sugar. Calories are not restricted […]

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Top 5 Dates

After going out on a date last night, it got me thinking a little about some of the best dates I’ve ever been on and/or dates that I think would be really fun.  Here are my top 5 picks:  1. Stating with my date from last night; dinner and bowling. Dinner allowed for some quality […]

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Liar Liar…

…Pants on Fire!! That’s what I have to say to all those people who say the last semester of college is great and you’re going to have so much fun!! The truth behind your last semester of college is that it is as stressful if not more stressful than your first. This is because there […]

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Third Times a Charm

After some thought I decided to give it a go at blogging again. In the past I have deleted it because I either got bored with what I was writing or I was a bit unsure about the fact that others could read about my life. All that being said I am ready to start […]

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