Just a Few Thoughts

So this post doesn’t really fall into any of the categories of this blog but…. Here are a few thoughts I’ve had over the last couple days….

1. Folding laundry might be the worst thing ever….can you tell I have laundry waiting for me in the dryer to fold? But really, come on engineering friends, can’t you come up with a folding machine too? How hard can it really be?

2. I am loving having sunny mornings. Not that it makes me get out of bed any earlier, but it is so nice to not be getting up in the dark anymore. Thanks daylight savings!

3. I’m looking for book suggestions…. I really like inspirational sports books and health and fitness books. Has anyone read Wheat Belly? I almost caved at target the other day and bought it but just wasn’t sure about it.

4. I’m thinking of taking a social media break; no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a month (with the exception of posting my blog of course). Who has done this before? Did you like it or did you feel like you were missing out on things? I feel like I waste so much time on social media that I am due for a break from it.

5. What would you like to see more of on this blog? More fitness routines? Healthy recipes? Life updates? Other? Always curious as to what my readers would like to see more of.

6. Shout-out to The Blue Dishes. I love reading your blog most every morning Haley. Does anyone have any blogs they really enjoy reading?

7. What are the holidays going to be like as an adult who has to work? I know this sounds strange to those of you who are seasoned veterans to the working world, but y’all this is my first year where I don’t have a huge break for the holidays….I have always been a student. I get two days for Thanksgiving and three for Christmas. I’m thankful for those days but also having a bit of a pity party over it.

8. I am really ready for a break from the endurance world. I love running but I am ready for a break. November 15th can’t come soon enough! As mentioned in here and here, I will be competing in Thunder Road Marathon on the 15th then it is off season for me.

Thats it for today! Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday night!

One thought on “Just a Few Thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, just now seeing this shoutout! First off, LOVE the new blog Kathryn. I have just a few health/fitness blogs that I like to follow, so I’m really excited to read more of yours!! I definitely like when you post workout ideas. I’ve been in a rut recently, so those are my favorite! Also, I did the social media break and loved it. Highly recommend.


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