Thing* I’m loving Tuesday

Slightly different this Tuesday as I am only going to share a single product…

Ever wondered what that crazy color tape is that you see the professional athletes or even your everyday runner sporting? The answer to that question is KT Tape. So now you may be wondering what’s its purpose? How does it work? Why do they wear it? Should I invest in it? How do you use it? Etc. Etc. So here is the break down….

What’s its purpose?
KT tape is used to help relieve pain and provide support in a lightweight, non-restrictive manner to aches and pains. It can be used for joints, soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, as well as muscles. 

So how does it work?
It is made of a material that can be stretched in all directions. Based on how it is applied (get to that in a minute) it can provide the pain relief and support that you are looking for. 

How do you apply it?
This is the hard part I will admit but their are great video tutorials online once you have narrowed in on what your pain is. From my own experience it is beneficial to watch the video at least once before applying it then re-play it while you are actually applying it. Be sure to pay close attention to where they say stretch it and how much to stretch to achieve maximum support and pain relief. From personal experience, it usually takes 2 or 3 times to get the hang of it. Also, be sure the area you are applying the tape is free of any oils. I have had best results with using an alcohol wipe to clean the area then spraying hairspray on the area before applying the tape. Be sure to give it a good rub after applying it. This is what makes it stick to the skin. 

Who should wear it?
Anyone with aches and pains who is too active to wear a bulky wrap or brace or if it is an area (like a back or hip) that you cannot easily apply a brace or wrap. 

It’s kind of expensive, can you re-use it?
I will say this is a bit of a downfall to the product but I will also say that the cost has been worth it. Although it is not reusable, it does last several days. It can be worn in water, sand, mud, etc. The biggest issue I have had with it not lasting as long as I feel it should is when I am changing clothes and it will occasionally roll making it useless. So as long as you are careful it should get its monies worth of wear. As an aside note, it doesn’t always last quite as long on your feet. 

Be honest, does this stuff really work?
Honest opinion..YES!! It takes practice applying it though to get it to really feel the benefits. I regularly wear it on my feet and it has certainly helped. I have also worn it on my IT band and knee. I can’t think of any reason I would try anything else at this point. 

This is a picture of me sporting some black tape on my knee/IT band (& training partner Kimberly) at Thunder Road Marathon.

So have any of you ever tried it? What’d you think? 
Happy Tuesday Y’all!!


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