Thirsty Thursday

It’s time to party!! Let the drinks start flowing!!
 …. Jk!! Jk!! That’s not what this post is about…. This is a health in fitness blog, what’d you expect?! 

As I may have mentioned before I am not a big fan of plain old water… In fact I really don’t like it and I struggle to drink enough to keep up with my active lifestyle. Today, I am not going to go over the importance of water today as you can check back to my water post from a while ago to learn more about it, but rather I’m going to give you the break down on some of the calories you are consuming when you choose something else over water. These calories add up fast since they don’t keep us full and can be a good explanation for added weight gain. 
Gatorade — 50cals per 8oz 
Powerade — 50cals per 8oz
Lemonade — 99cals per 8oz
Un-sweetened ice — 6-10cal per 8oz
Sweet Tea — 90cals per 8oz
Sprite — 96cals per 8oz
Coke — 95cals per 8oz
Whole Milk — 150cals per 8oz
2% Milk — 122cals per 8oz
1% Milk — 102cals per 8oz
Skim Milk — 86cals per 8oz
Orange Juice — 112cals per 8oz 
Apple Juice — 117cals per 8oz
Beer — 100cals per 8oz (average)
Lite Beer — 65cals per 8oz (average)
Wine — 185cals per 8oz (on average a glass of wine is about 3-4oz) 
**please keep in mind that these are not exact amounts but rather approximations. 
So who thinks they may be getting a little extra pudge from these liquid calories? 
Have a great “thirsty” Thursday y’all! 

Eating Healthy Quick

Often times I find that my life is go go go and I feel like I don’t have time to breathe let alone cook fabulous, nutritious meals. This is why I keep a few essentials on hand all the time. Below you will see a picture of MyPlate. This is what replaced the food pyramid. You do not have to have all your meals look like this plate but it should be used as a general guideline when you are planning your meals. I placed my everyday essentials on the plate so that you can see where things fit….

What are some essential that you always try to have on hand?