Just a Pair of Running Shoes


Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did, I headed down to Greenville, SC Saturday after I got off work to visit Dylan. Being our typical selves, we kept busy and had a fun and active weekend. Which is what brings me to today’s post… staying active while traveling. This weekend, I wanted to get in a good workout without any equipment and in less than an hour as to not take away from the weekend festivities….

To start since I love running in a new city (yes, I have been here before but I am still learning my way around) I did a mile run which brought me to the bottom of a big hill. At this point, I did a few dynamic stretches. I am always working to keep my hips loose as they tend to get extremely tight especially when I am going to be running hard. From here I set that I was going to do 4-5 hill “sprints.” I put sprints in quotes because it was a .35mile hill so I was running hard but I wasn’t exactly top speed by any means. Run hard up then nice easy jog recovery on the way back down. At the top of my 4th rep, I walked back towards Dylan’s apartment for a quarter of a mile then ran the rest of the way back.

Once I was back at his apartment, I found a spot in the grass and did a 15min strength workout using only my bodyweight…

  • 3x1min plank (first 45sec plank finishing last 15sec with push-ups)
  • 3x1min squats
  • 3x:30 side planks (:30 each side)
  • 3x1min walking lunges
  • 3x:30 flutter kicks

So there you have it, a total body workout in less than an hour with only a pair of running shoes! Do you have any favorite workouts while you are traveling? Comment below letting me know your thoughts.

Have a great Monday! 


One thought on “Just a Pair of Running Shoes

  1. Great blog post about easy workout you can do without having to go to the weight room. I am going to use some of these simple body weight workouts during exam week to get my mind off school every once and a while. Cant wait to read the next blog!


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