Tuesday Things

Hey Friends! How are y’all doing?! Things are a bit crazy here so to continue with the chaos I call life, I bring you my most unfocused blog post yet. Here are some things going on in my life and on my mind these days….

1. Hallelujah!! 31Day Detox is done in just a few hours. Most days have been totally fine but goodness I have had several days (<–read like last 10 days) I have wanted sugar and salt!!! I will write a full update on my 31Day Detox experience later this week.


last weekends date night dinner…. low country shrimp boil and baked apple slices with cinnamon

2. Sorry 5AM, we have divorced and 4AM has taken my heart. I have quite a few more clients at the Y as of recently and dang it has made for some early mornings. I used to think getting up in the 5 o’clock hour was rough but now I have separated from that thought and have become good friends with Miss 4AM! Holy crow I don’t know that I will ever get used to this one!

3. The triathlon team at the Y is up and running for our next 8 week session and this go around I am an official coach and loving it!! The other two coaches are teaching me so much and it really is such a joy to go to each of the practices whether I am leading it or just participating.

4. Speaking of triathlon….Ironman training is in full swing! It definitely keeps me especially busy with my typical 2 workouts a day. Veteran Ironman competitors, any suggestions on finding the balance and fitting it all in? I feel like some days there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished or I am just exhausted. I am hoping as I figure out more of a schedule this will get easier.


look closely and you will see my new training partner Izzy! she is totally fascinated my by trainer. 

5. Starburst Jelly Beans…get in my tummy!!!! …ahhhh just a few more hours!!! Is anyone else quite as obsessed as I am about these deliciously, fantastic candies?!


can you sense my excitement?! 

6. Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon is almost here!!! Dylan and I did our last really long run (14miles) this past weekend and will be in full taper mode come Sunday! I am so excited for this race for a couple reasons…

  • Dylan and I are doing it together….we have already agreed that this race we will do start to finish together unless something catastrophic happens. Those who know me well will understand just how excited I am about this!
  • We are staying with my good friend Kathryn and her hubby in their NEW HOUSE!!! I cannot wait to see her and the new place!!
  • I am going back to Raleigh!!! Need I say more?!


a couple weekends ago, our 4:30AM 12 mile training run! head lamps and reflectors were a must!

7. I am always hungry. I think this is because I am starting to ramp up the miles in my training and the detox had me eating a lot of fruits and veggies which unfortunately don’t keep you quite as full.

8. Guess who has her first three days off in a row since Christmas….?!!?!? THIS GIRL!!!! This weekend I am taking off Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!!! I am so ready for the break. I know I will still be training and running around crazy since I do date “the hyper one” as my mom calls him but I am so excited to step away from work for a full 3 days. I think this break will do me well. Plus I will be getting away from Charlotte and will be headed up the mountains with my family and Dylan for Easter weekend where it looks like lots of starburst jelly beans will be had, hikes will be taken, and baseball will be watched.

9. I am loving this warmer weather!! And added bonus Alexie just informed me that so many fun things happen in Charlotte come spring and summer….think concerts at the white water center and baseball games in uptown!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

10. We have had a great couple weekends in the mountains. Three weeks ago just for a day trip and two weekends ago for an entire 24hours! I love getting to spend a little extra time with my family and the hyper one.

IMG_9556 IMG_9497

baseball games and mountain hikes with my favorite people

11. I miss blogging. I know I have had my ups and downs with my posting frequency but I really enjoy it so I hope I am able to find more time to get posts up more regularly in the coming weeks and months. Speaking of which….what would you like to see more of on the blog?? Also, fellow bloggers, what is your strategy in a busy week to get a couple posts up?

I guess I will call it quits here….I would love to hear whats been going on with you and what you’d like to see more of on the blog. Be sure if you are a veteran ironman competitor to let me know how you find the balance of life and training. If you are a blogger, what is your strategy for posting frequently when you’re busy. And if you are just as obsessed with Starburst Jelly Beans as I am or if you have a different favorite Easter related candy!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!


Life’s Not Perfect

… but it is pretty dang good. Lately I have felt like I have been running on E. I am working most every day of the week and filling the rest of my time with family, friends, training, and trying to stay on top of all the other necessities of life. It seems like I am nonstop from the time I rise to the moment my head hits the pillow. I mean twice this week I have fallen (like dead asleep) with the lights and my clothes from the day still on my back till 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning which is very unlike me. All of these things going on could give me the excuse to not take care of myself, give up on my 31Day Detox, postpone my half marathon and future Ironman, and to stop accepting opportunities to grow and learn. All this to say, when I am stretched this thin, sometimes (often while driving from one thing to the next) I stop my mind from thinking about what is next and what I maybe haven’t accomplished for the day to think about just how good things are. It is so easy to get caught up in the “bad” things and the craziness of life that we forget just how dang great life is. So I challenge you to stop and think, maybe on your commute to or from work or in a quiet minute of your lunch break tomorrow, about all the great things going on in your life. I did this today and here is what I came up with….

1. Work is stressful, exhausting, and sometimes downright draining…..I have a job. I am able to support myself. I can pay my bills each month and have a full belly each night. It may be exhausting at times but I have the opportunity to impact the lives of others everyday. I may not always agree with my boss or co-workers but they are providing me with a new way of looking at situations and broadening my horizons to different ways of thinking.

2. I hate being in the car 2 hours everyday….I have a car that is comfortable, safe, and reliable. I don’t have to wait for public transportation daily; I can go where I please when I please. This gives me either time to think about my day ahead, clear my mind, release some stress jamming out to the radio, or catch up with friends and family on the phone.

3. Training isn’t going well; my runs haven’t been quite as frequent or as quality as I would have hoped at this point in my training…. I am able to run and I have an opportunity to improve. I have the luxury to do most my long runs with with my boyfriend. This allows for an hour plus of quality “us” time. Often at least one weekday run is done with a friend or coworker. This allows me to keep up with those that I often wouldn’t have the opportunity to. Running (training) has opened up a new world of people to me in the Charlotte area. Even if a run isn’t perfect or wasn’t as long as I would have liked, I was still able to get out the door and do something productive for my health.

4. It is so hard to eat healthy all the time; I just want to eat pop-tarts, french fries, and drink diet coke….Eating healthy allows me to fuel my body in a way that I can take on the crazy of each and every day. It helps keep me healthy and avoid illness. It allows me to function in a non sluggish way. It may at times be more expensive but I am able to stay healthy and active because I fuel my body appropriately.

5. I don’t have many friends in Charlotte….those relationships I do have here are amazing. I have my family here which has allowed the opportunity to grow in my relationship with both my parents and my grandma. My roommate has quickly become a great and life long friend. My co-workers at both my jobs greet me with smiles and stories everyday and are always making me laugh. Those people in my life that aren’t here in Charlotte are always just a phone call away.

So there you have it, my list of negatives turned positive. It felt good to stop and take that moment today and think about all the good. I hope you take the time to do the same in the next day or so. Please comment below, I would love to hear your list as well!

Keep smiling, life is pretty dang good. 

Six Things Sunday 4

Hey hey hey! How are y’all doing this beautiful Sunday? Things have been a bit crazy on my end these days. 

1. Woohoo! Team Whitney! Who all is happy with that? Also what do you think of the double bachelorettes?! I’m not so sure about it. But should make for some good crappy reality TV! 

2. First double digits run of the year is in the books! 10miles and it was great but dang I am feeling it this evening! 

3. 31day detox is coming along well. I am definitely missing cheese and chips and really any snacky foods. As a whole I am feeling much better and headaches are going away significantly. Lara bars are my saving grace. 

4. First Boone day of the year today and it was a pretty one. Unfortunately the app baseball boys weren’t able to pull out the W but loved the day trip. 

5. I made califlower AND it was actually good. Y’all I know I mention Dylan making it a few weeks ago and me actually liking it but I have to say my cooking skills….well they are definitely on the low end so this was a big accomplishment. It’s the little things right?!

6. Who else can say they can make a 4mile run a 6mile run?!… This girl! Tuesday night I went on a little adventure around charlotte. Started out with running into a rose bush and ended about 2miles longer than planned after missing a turn. Not my best moment. 

That’s it for this week! What have y’all been up to? Have a great week!! 

Six Things Sunday 3

Hey Y’all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are all ready to have a great week! To get you all caught up with me, lets dive right into this weeks edition of Six Things Sunday….

1. I’m having a love hate relationship with the time change today. Love that the days are longer but hate that I have been an hour off all day. Also knowing that its going to be super dark in the morning is bumming me out a bit.

2. Family weekend was great! I loved getting to hang with the family for 24 uninterrupted hours. To make it even better the weather was warm so we even got in a little lake time. So nice to get some fresh air after being stuck inside these last few weeks.


3. Half marathon training is coming along well. I was able to get in my 8mile run today all around lake norman and for the most part felt great. This was the first significant distance I had run alone in a while and I definitely I missed my awesome running buddy from last couple weeks. Nonetheless, still a great run.


4. 31Day Detox is well….its going. I am feeling better for the most part but I am definitely missing sugar and carbohydrates. I am eating lots of fruits, veggies, and protein but I can tell I am missing the extra carbs. Cutting out cheeses and the heavily processed foods have been great and much easier than I thought. We shall see what this week holds…

5. Who will he propose to?? The final episode of the bachelor is tomorrow!!! Who’s team are you on, team Becca or team Whitney? I’m on the fence but leaning towards team Whitney.

6. I really hope this weekend wasn’t just a tease and this warmer weather is here to stay. I love being able to finally turn the heat off and enjoy this warmer weather.


So that’s it this week, nothing too crazy. What is going on with each of you? Don’t forget to tell me who you think Prince Farming is going to pick tomorrow night!

Have a terrific week y’all! 

Greenville Weekend

Hey Y’all! How are you doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to an even better start. Plus, you had The Women Tell All to finish off your Monday night so I know your week is already starting on a high note. By the way, who do you think Chris is going to pick? My gut says Whitney. I think he is falling hard for Becca but she’s not ready to be a wife in little Arlington, Iowa and Whitney is ready to be popping out some babies which is what I think Chris is looking for. Annnyyywaayyysss….back to this weekend. Best weekend I’ve had in a long long time. I feel like a new person after having a chance to get away for an ENTIRE day!!!

Saturday after I finished with work I headed to Greenville, SC to visit Dylan. I had only been down their once before and really only to watch a baseball game. So needless to say I was extremely excited to both spend some quality time with the boy but also explore a new city.IMG_9374

Upon my arrival Saturday night we went to Gringos, a little Mexican restaurant right in downtown for a few of my favorites….chips, guacamole, and a margarita. Mmmmm!!! SO Yummy!! The food was good, the atmosphere was good, but I will have to say the service wasn’t the best. Regardless, I would recommend it if you’re in the mood for any kind of funky taco as they had tons of options to choose from. I however, wasn’t in the mood for a taco so I opted for a quesadilla and it was pretty good.

Then for our post dinner adventure we headed to the streets to explore all of what downtown Greenville had to offer. First stop was the waterfall that goes right through the middle of downtown. And yes, you heard that right, there is a waterfall right in the middle of downIMG_9400town!! And incase you thought this city couldn’t get any more awesome than a waterfall, there is also a minor league baseball stadium there too!!! ….a waterfall, beautiful lights in all the trees lining the streets, great food on every corner, lots of people, and a baseball field…what more could you possibly ask for from a city?! I’m in love! Had it not been so cold Dylan may not have been able to drag me away from it at the end of the night.

Luck for me though, Sunday morning started out with a run all around Greenville. We started out on the greenway and looped through the city for a fun 6miles. It was a great run and I loved getting to see more of the beautiful city. As many of you know, cities are one of my favorite places to run so throw me in a new city with a great running buddy and I am basically in heaven. 

After a quick shower and lunch we headed back out the door for our next adventure of the day…. the Greenville Zoo!! I think Dylan was a little iffy initially on this one but he was a IMG_9381Red Pandagood sport for taking me and in the end I know he enjoyed it almost as much as I did. A few of our favorites were the lions, the white nosed coati, and the red pandas. I was a little disappointed there were no elephants but quickly got past that when I got to pet the silly goats…I don’t think I will ever out grow the petting zoo. Also, I 100% recommend going to the Zoo on a not so pretty day….we had nearly the entire Zoo to ourselves and it was awesome! No standing in lines, no screaming kids, and we were able to look at all the animals as long as we wanted to. AMAZING!

By the time we left the zoo and did a little more exploring of downtown Greenville I was more than ready to eat. Seeing that I had started my 31Days of real foods, Dylan happily cooked something that fell right in line with the restrictions I had put in place for myself over the next 31days. He made copy cat PF Chang’s lettuce wraps using deer meat with a side of beets. Both beets and deer meat were something new for me and I loved them both to my surprise. Slowly but surely, I think he is going to get me to be a little less picky. As of now he has added 3 foods to my list of likes, deer, beets, and cauliflower…pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Dinner was great but it hardly compared to dessert.


Again chef Dylan (y’all I could really get used to this) whips out the utensils and is back to work. This time to make smoothies. I honestly don’t even know what all he put in my smoothie but I do know it was fantastic and hit the spot big time. I have been having cravings for sweets as of lately so having a smoothie was a great way to fend off my evening sweets crave. Plus they were a perfect ending to an amazing 24hrs!


So what did you do this weekend? Any fun adventures? Also, Charlotte friends, we are always looking for day trip adventure in and around the Charlotte area, do you have any suggestions? And don’t forget to tell me who you think Chris is going to pick next week during the 3 HOUR (<–read as that is 100% totally ridiculous and not necessary) show!!


Happy Tuesday Y’all!!