Six Things Sunday 4

Hey hey hey! How are y’all doing this beautiful Sunday? Things have been a bit crazy on my end these days. 

1. Woohoo! Team Whitney! Who all is happy with that? Also what do you think of the double bachelorettes?! I’m not so sure about it. But should make for some good crappy reality TV! 

2. First double digits run of the year is in the books! 10miles and it was great but dang I am feeling it this evening! 

3. 31day detox is coming along well. I am definitely missing cheese and chips and really any snacky foods. As a whole I am feeling much better and headaches are going away significantly. Lara bars are my saving grace. 

4. First Boone day of the year today and it was a pretty one. Unfortunately the app baseball boys weren’t able to pull out the W but loved the day trip. 

5. I made califlower AND it was actually good. Y’all I know I mention Dylan making it a few weeks ago and me actually liking it but I have to say my cooking skills….well they are definitely on the low end so this was a big accomplishment. It’s the little things right?!

6. Who else can say they can make a 4mile run a 6mile run?!… This girl! Tuesday night I went on a little adventure around charlotte. Started out with running into a rose bush and ended about 2miles longer than planned after missing a turn. Not my best moment. 

That’s it for this week! What have y’all been up to? Have a great week!! 


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