Six Things Sunday 3

Hey Y’all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are all ready to have a great week! To get you all caught up with me, lets dive right into this weeks edition of Six Things Sunday….

1. I’m having a love hate relationship with the time change today. Love that the days are longer but hate that I have been an hour off all day. Also knowing that its going to be super dark in the morning is bumming me out a bit.

2. Family weekend was great! I loved getting to hang with the family for 24 uninterrupted hours. To make it even better the weather was warm so we even got in a little lake time. So nice to get some fresh air after being stuck inside these last few weeks.


3. Half marathon training is coming along well. I was able to get in my 8mile run today all around lake norman and for the most part felt great. This was the first significant distance I had run alone in a while and I definitely I missed my awesome running buddy from last couple weeks. Nonetheless, still a great run.


4. 31Day Detox is well….its going. I am feeling better for the most part but I am definitely missing sugar and carbohydrates. I am eating lots of fruits, veggies, and protein but I can tell I am missing the extra carbs. Cutting out cheeses and the heavily processed foods have been great and much easier than I thought. We shall see what this week holds…

5. Who will he propose to?? The final episode of the bachelor is tomorrow!!! Who’s team are you on, team Becca or team Whitney? I’m on the fence but leaning towards team Whitney.

6. I really hope this weekend wasn’t just a tease and this warmer weather is here to stay. I love being able to finally turn the heat off and enjoy this warmer weather.


So that’s it this week, nothing too crazy. What is going on with each of you? Don’t forget to tell me who you think Prince Farming is going to pick tomorrow night!

Have a terrific week y’all! 


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