How would you like to get paid to eat your fruits and veggies? Or how about getting paid to workout? I know I enjoy getting paid to do what I am already doing every week. This is why I am loving the PACT app. It pays you (REAL MONEY $$) to workout and eat fruits and vegetables. 
How the app works… At the beginning of each week you set a “pact” for how many fruits and veggies and/or how many times you are going to workout. I set mine to 14 fruits and veggies and 5 workouts per week. I found this to be a reasonable number for each without stressing myself. Then the following Tuesday a credit is placed in your account for how much you made for the the previous week’s pact. Most weeks I make roughy $4.25. It doesn’t seem like much but over a month that’s $17.00 for doing what I was going to do anyways. 
There is a MAJOR, and I’m stressing major because it is a doozy, catch to this app. At the end of the week, if you’ve missed anything that you made a “pact” to complete you are charged at a minimum $5.00 for each missing item. I don’t know about you, but that’s motivation enough for me to complete my pact. 
A couple others things to know about the app: 
~You must take pictures of your foods in order for people to vote on them to count. 
~ You will have to give a credit card. From using it the last 3 weeks I can attest to the fact that it doesn’t charge you “just because.”
~ You have to make a minimum of $10.00 before you can collect your rewards. 
~ Tracking your workouts is a bit of a strain on your phone battery. 
A workout must be at least 30min in length to count as a completed workout. 
~ Home gyms do not count but there is a motion tracker if you choose to workout by walking, running, biking, etc. 
~ You can make adjustments to your pact at anytime. 

Let me know if you have any questions or decide to give it a try! 

Happy Friday Y’all! 


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