11months later…

So its been almost exactly 11months since I last posted and I cant lie, I have missed writing A LOT! Life has been insane through these past 11months [hints the lack of posts] and I’ll be totally honest, although I have completed an Ironman 70.3, a full Ironman, and a handful of road races scattered in during that time, I have totally fallen off the “healthy” wagon. But before I get too far ahead of myself let me back up and catch you up on life….

April 2016… I got settled into my new home. The rooms were set up, pictures hung on the wall, life got in order. Things were good. The job for center director at Jenny Craig was coming available and I was the top candidate for the job.

May… Baby Brother (aka Alex) graduated from Appalachian State University. The entire family made a mountain weekend out of it. Also, I finished the crazy interview process  with Jenny Craig and got the job as Center Director!

June… I started in my new role at Jenny Craig. Something I had worked hard for and unfortunately had fallen short of in the past when it had come available. The new role was hectic and crazy and I even had to hire someone in my first few weeks on the job to fill my old role. It was a big learning curve. I completed Raleigh 70.3 AND this month I met an amazing man on Tinder and we quickly hit things off (spoiler alert, he’s still putting with me !!).

July… Things are on the up! I got late acceptance into nursing school at my first choice school. I had applied back in November when I came up short on securing the center director role previously. I had been patiently waiting with fingers crossed for acceptance into the schools I had applied to yet time and time again I had been waitlisted so just as I had almost given up hope, I received the call that I was going to be attending Carolinas College of Health Sciences. Seeing as nursing had been something I had wanted to do for a while I was now more eager than ever to get that next degree…and just in time before many of my classes from my previous degree expired.

On a sad note, my furry brother, King Chase, whose health had been failing for a while passed away this month. This brought many tears to our family but to have him go to doggy heaven while we all held him to his very last breath was the best way it could have possibly happened. Truthfully, for as “dumb” as we all thought he was at times he may have been the smartest in the family… after all he waited till all four of us were home to make his final send off.

August/September… Nursing school got real! Everyone warns you it’s tough but dang, it is like 947,923,872,039,237 times harder than I had ever imagined. I was spending what seemed like every evening in the library or in some classroom and plenty of early mornings up and at the books too. Caffeine became a must, eating on the go happened way too often, and I felt like I was just barely making it by taking my three classes and still working as Jenny Craig’s center director (40hrs a week). Dave (Tinder Man) was a saint, even this early on in our relationship he was able to calm me down and bring my spiraling out of orbit head back to my shoulders where it belonged. Through this crazy schedule, we still made time for trips back and forth to see each other and saw some pretty views from the tops of the mountains we hiked. Oh I forgot to mention, curve ball, Dave lives in Atlanta! A 4hr drive from me!! Thank goodness for text messages and FaceTime. Also during this time I had a roommate with a furry friend move in with me in my new home.

October… Ironman North Carolina. To say I was ready and trained for this race would be one of the biggest lies I could tell. Yes I had put in a lot of miles but I was’t anywhere close to being ready for a race of this magnitude. 140.6miles is no joke and my training had been sporadic and inconsistent at best. With many miles coming from trainer rides while watching lectures I wasn’t near where I needed to be. So although I was bummed the hurricane flooded part of the course cutting 56miles out of the race it was probably for the best for me. All that is to say, I was still exhausted with the race I completed and happy to be announced as an Ironman once again. Following this race, a job change came about. Through the crazy of August and September, I squeezed in a job interview at one of the local hospitals for a night shift CNA role. Boy I had no idea what was about to come my way. Things started slow but quickly progressed at the hospital… Also this month Dave and I made a quick weekend trip to NY to visit some of his friends and family and a trip to Asheville to hike with another couple he has known for many years.

November… I am in full swing of school and working night shift as a CNA. If I thought caffeine was a must before I was crazy because now I felt new kinds of exhaustion that I had never felt before. Going straight to class following 12hr shift was both physically and mentally draining. I seriously had to schedule in sleep amongst my studies and work. Forget about exercise and eating right…I guess you could say I went into survival mode. Fast food, energy drinks, and car naps became a regular thing. My body hated me but this was just how it was going to be. And, to top it off, things started to become rocky with the roommate making home a less than peaceful place to be. Thank goodness for thanksgiving break to give me a little breather, a chance to run a local 10k, and to make the trip to see Dave and his family down in Atlanta.

December… Final exams followed by a much needed break! Dave and I got to visit each other a fair amount and I did a lot of sleeping when I was off from work. I was finally starting to feel like myself again. And added bonus, all grades came back and I had officially passed my first full semester of nursing school. This month I also had the reality that hospitals never close and someone has to be there around the clock to take care of the patients. I was assigned to work Christmas night. I think this was harder on mom than it was me but nonetheless, it was eye opening into the career I am embarking on. The year rounded out with a fun trip to Atlanta to ring in the New Year.

January 2017… January 1 Dave and I celebrated 6months of being together and I enjoyed my last couple weeks of break before the crazy school work combo hit hard again. We made a weekend trip to Helen, GA where we played in the snow and enjoyed the quiet town just before my classes started. By this point to say my roommate situation was rocky would be an understatement. Things became downright hostile. I hated going home and rarely could get any sleep when I was there. Thankfully she moved out this month and my life has since gone back to being much more peaceful.

February… More of the same, Dave keeps me grounded and we made several weekend trips to see one another, school is insane, and working nights, although I am starting to figure it out is still kicking my booty! Healthy eating and living has gone out the window just as it had the previous semester and training for my upcoming marathon was a distant thought. I was struggling to keep afloat.

March…Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay afloat enough in my first intermediate nursing class. I fell below the bar and will have to retake the course in a later semester. Thankfully spring break followed my disaster course and allowed me a full week to clear my head. During this time I traveled to Atlanta for a long weekend and even took 2 full days to myself {can you say Netflix binge?!}. I am now finishing out this semester with just two classes, anatomy and physiology two and psychology. I will pick back up with my nursing classes this summer. Aside from school, Dave and I ran the Georgia Marathon this past weekend. Not my fastest time but without a doubt my most enjoyable one. Crossing the finish line hand in hand will be a lasting memory for me.

And now we are up to date! I look forward to writing more in the coming weeks! 🙂